Anyone know what this guy is babbling


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Oct 26, 2011
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I think he said, "I'm not Trump, and thank goodness, we can start cleaning this ugly stain from our history".

Something like that.
So.......what ugly stain? Can you list the unconstitutional things he did while president? Can you even point out the things he actually did that even though they weren't unconstitutional, but you considered were horrible in your eyes?
Stronger borders?
Deporting illegal migrants that committed felonies?
Made NATO pay their fair share?
Opportunity Zones for inner-cities?
One-Step program for prisoners?
Insisted on fair-reciprocal trade deals with foreign governments?
Reduced middle-class taxation?
Reduced regulations to give small businesses better opportunities to grow?
Pressed for energy independence?
Stands up for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights (our very freedoms)?
Which of these things upset you so?
Reduced middle-class taxation?
Anyone know what this guy is babbling
your lying orange jesus lost - live with it and try and become a useful member of society - not an uncivilized sociopath.


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Jan 24, 2015
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The Lord is my strength and my sheep?????

really, really reaching on that one

WTF cares?

It demonstrates that Mr. Biden's mind is slipping. A graduate of an elite Catholic prep school would know how to pronounce "psalm".
One question: Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving today? In hell? Election campaign is over.

And to the "problem". For no Catholic it is a problem if someonew says "Palmist" instead of "Psalmist". By the way: What is a Psalmist? Makes this word sense? The most psalms are from my grand... grandfather king David. I never called him "psalmist" and I never will do so. Sounds strange. I call him "David".

PSALM is a word leftover from the old form of english----it refers to a song
played on a harp (so they say) ----back in the old days lots of letters no longer
pronounced----WERE PRONOUNCED. ------as to the appearance of the word
in the english lexicon NOW-----blame KING JAMES. For the pronunciation of
the word----ask Mr. Smith---who was my freshman ENGLISH COMP. teacher---
long ago----He used to entertain the class by reading CANTEBURY TALES---
with the original (god-only-knows) pronunciation
Oh sorry - I forgot to answer. "Palm" for the inner surface of a hand is not an old Germanic/English word. It came from the Latin word "palma" (=flat hand) into the English language - but not so into the German language. That's why I as a native German speaker needed a moment to find out that the "masturbate"-comparison here was a kind of propaganda of political extremists in the quality of Goebbels propaganda against Mr. president elected Joe Biden.

And here a very nice text in "original" English:

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