1. Mark Richard

    How to find a wife (history of women and marriage)

    How were wives obtained in history? How is this documentary? Do you think it was easier in history to find a wife? Do you think it was easier for men or women in history for marriage and then after?
  2. S

    Zone1 The problem with radical feminism

    That's a term for sexual practicing women,sexually monogamous, who advocate equality,only for themselves and promote revenge against all men regardless ,disguised as 50-50. What I am about to say I know that the opposition against women's rights will take me out of context. There definition of...
  3. S

    Women of America unite.....

    Women of America unite, your rights are under attack. This ridiculous abortion law in Texas targets you. I don't care if you're anti-abortion or pro-abortion. What you do now will determine your rights in the future, all of your rights. If you are allow government to do this to you. Abortion is...
  4. J

    One of the unintended, or perhaps very much intended, consequences of the proposed Equality Act is scaring women and gays out of their wits!

    . See: Abigail Shrier: Biden’s ‘Horrifying’ Equality Act Would Put Biological Males In All-Female Prisons JUNE 3, 2021 ”Biological males who identify as female could be allowed in all-women prisons across the nation if the Equality Act is passed and signed by President Joe Biden’s Democrat...
  5. WarmPotato

    Czech Castings Shut Down for Manipulation/Coercion of Women

    Czech Casting is a Czechoslovakian adult film company known for casting couch interviews with young amateur women. But after the police raided their offices and arrested the ten employees inside, the truth has finally come out. Those casting couch interviews were not staged, they were real. And...
  6. Cellblock2429

    Why does Facebook hate women?

    Seems like libtards can’t stand it when women sneak out of the kitchen and laundry room and speak their minds. Trump reacts after Facebook removes 'NJ Women for Trump' group: 'Put them back NOW...
  7. deanrd

    You thought 2018 was the year of the woman? Wait until 2020.

    A First: Women Take The Majority In Nevada Legislature And Colorado House Just like the country, the body is slightly more than half women. "It's been a long, hard fight. I'm starting to see some of the fruits of not just my labor, but the labor of so many other people whose names I don't...
  8. deanrd

    Black, Hispanic, Women, Gays, Jews, Muslim, Native American..........why would you vote GOP?

    By now, Republicans must realize they are a nearly all white party. African American Hispanics Women Gays Muslims Jews Native Americans If you belong to one of these groups, why would you ever vote GOP? Would you feel welcome in the GOP knowing they are nearly all white? So if you would...
  9. deanrd

    The largest group of African-American women graduating from West point in American history.

    The largest group of African-American women graduating from West point in American history. African American women graduate in record number from West Point Mike Pence praises West Point grads' diversity, touts Trump's military investment ———— Wow! That’s incredible. Many of these women...
  10. deanrd

    Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore called it a 'travesty' that women 'feel free' to play sports with men

    Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore called it a 'travesty' that women 'feel free' to play sports with men "Here's the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer venders, no women anything," he wrote in March 2002. "There is, of course, an exception to this rule...
  11. TheProgressivePatriot

    Georgia Bill Would Seek to Regulate Mens Bodies in Response to Abortion Bans

    Testicular Bill Of Rights: Georgia Bill Would Place Restrictions On Sexual Aides For Men Progressive Secular Humanist - See second story down I thought that this was hysterical! I am a married male and I am all for it! Although I don't live in Georgia . But seriously, it is time for men...
  12. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Tech giant Oracle accused by U.S. regulators of underpaying women, minorities by $400 million

    The reason I'm posting this in the Race Relations and Racism section is because I believe the U.S. Department of Labor is the same federal agency which originally began compilations on the affects of the newly enacted affirmative action policies, you know the one which determined that white...
  13. deanrd

    Trump is showing the world his new tactics on dealing with women.

    Trump is showing the world his new tactics on dealing with women. Trump was telling women reporters to shut up and sit down at the White House. This morning he told a black woman reporter and a white women reporter to shut up. He said they were nasty. He called them liars. Trump is showing...
  14. AveryJarhman

    Mother-of-three Sophie Skinner jailed for false rape claim

    Mother-of-three jailed for false rape claim 'No empathy' Judge Williams described Skinner's allegation of rape as "patently false". "You maintain your denials," he said. "You have no victim empathy, you have no remorse at all." "As the court have said before rape is a repulsive crime. The...
  15. deanrd

    Did you know the Kremlin was lobbying for Kavanaugh? I guess it's no surprise considering.......

    The Kremlin’s For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee The Kremlin Hates America's 'Malignant Feminism,' Loves Brett Kavanaugh Russian state propaganda supports Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh As Senators narrowly advanced the nomination of...
  16. NewsVine_Mariyam

    It's Time For Women to Embrace Their Rage

    A New Way to Think About Women's Anger Soraya Chemaly, author of “Rage Becomes Her” joined THINK to explain why we need to rethink the way we think about women’s anger, and how we can use it for social good...
  17. deanrd

    Democratic, Republican voter bases are more different than ever

    Democratic, Republican voter bases are more different than ever The abbreviated version? Older rural whites and white men without degrees are rushing to the GOP. Everyone else? Mmmm, not so much. Check this out: The Democrats have changed the most, as the mix of voters who support them has...
  18. deanrd

    Women are the majority of the nation. And they are starting to flex their political muscle.

    Women are the majority of the population of the country. Clearly, they are flexing that political muscle with the record number of women running for office. Women don't have the same policies as Republican men. Women want children to have healthcare. Women believe their bodies shouldn't be...
  19. deanrd

    Can anyone think of a law that legislates a man's body?

    Republicans want to take away the rights of women to manage their own bodies. Can anyone think of a law that also manages a man's body? I can't think of one. Maybe if we legislate men's bodies women will be less opposed to having their own bodies managed by strangers?
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    Human Life International Wants To Get Contraception Included In Global Gag Rule

    This make absolutely NO sense to me!. The Bishops think-hell they know- that they can manipulate Trump-who has no core convictions, no real values into doing their bidding. In addition, this who thing about opposing contraception while also opposing abortion is stupid and hypocritical. These...
  21. deanrd

    Remember when Trump said women who have abortions should be "punished"?

    Donald Trump advocates punishment for abortion So what do you think? Women who have abortions should be punished? What should the punishment be? Prison? What if they were raped? Or their health was compromised?
  22. altair

    Saudi women vs Kuwaiti women who is the prettiest?

    The Saudi women are mostly famous celebrities and fashionistas from social media accounts like Instagram most of them are living outside of Saudi Arabia while the Kuwaiti women are more liberal and westernized ..., and some of them are regular Kuwaiti women or famous fashionistas and...
  23. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump: Women Who Are Victims of Abuse Should Not Ruin Men's Careers

    Here is more proof, as though any more were needed, that Trump- at best is a mindless, insensitive jerk- and at worse a shameless misogynist who has no respect for women. ‘Lives Are Being Shattered’: Trump Says Victims Of Domestic Abuse Should Stop Hurting Men’s Careers By Conover Kennard on...
  24. T

    Trump thinks the women's march is a Pro Trump gathering....LOLOLOLO

    Donald Dumb tweeted the following: Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female...
  25. JGalt

    Women & Plumber's Cracks - Am I A Bad person?

    Sometimes when I go to Walmart, and a woman in front of me bends down to pick something up that she dropped, I see a big honking plumber's crack. I don't know why, but I always stifle the urge to poke it with my finger. Am I going to hell for this?
  26. L

    Subhuman word: Hitler v psy-ops now: "one word says it all" role: asian women

    Subhuman word: Hitler v psy-ops now: "one word says it all" role: asian women Article from Apr 2017. It's introduced by an article from 2014 [added text signaled by date], as illuminati staged the "Maidan revolution" in Kiev, Ukraine, to release the "first openly pro-Hitler regime since 1945"...
  27. ding

    Men lead and women respond

    As a rule men lead and women respond. Now I know this may ruffle the feathers of some feminists, but it really is reality. What do women want from men? They want them to be superheros. To always do the right thing the right way for the right reason. They don't want them to be gross or...
  28. Ancient lion

    Women in Germany protest against Trump

    More than one million people, mostly women, marched across the world against US President Donald Trump. Seven German cities also saw such marches, where thousands of people took to the streets, braving freezing cold conditions.
  29. MindWars

    Women to blame for new years sex attacks

    HuffPo: ‘Women to Blame’ for New Year’s Sex Attacks A Syrian refugee columnist for the Huffington Post has said that women are mostly to blame for the New Year’s Eve sex attacks across Germany last year. Aras Bacho, 18, tweeted that women should not be out alone at night. Now why would huff...
  30. MindWars

    Working class women realized Hillary Clintons form of feminism discriminates their sons

    Peter Morici: Working Class Women Realized Hillary's 'Form of Feminism Discriminates Against Their Sons'

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