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  1. J

    New York City Police Benevolent Association fights COVID vaccine mandate in court

    See: PBA files lawsuit against COVID vaccine mandate for NYPD, city workers Oct 25, 2021 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The New York City Police Benevolent Association says it filed a lawsuit Monday against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers, including the NYPD. The union...
  2. Litwin

    As I predicted , Covid: Muscovy's daily deaths pass 1,000 for first time

    As I predicted :Covid: Muscovy's daily deaths pass 1,000 for first time Muscovy on Saturday recorded 1,000 Covid-related deaths in a single day for the first time since the pandemic began. The figure had been rising all week, with the Kremlin blaming the Moscow people for not taking up...
  3. J

    NY Court grants protection of strict scrutiny in COVID vaccine mandate case

    . The protection of strict scrutiny is required to be applied by the court whenever a fundamental right is infringed upon by a government action. And, we now have another case where the court provides the protection of strict scrutiny in a COVID vaccine mandate case! See Federal judge rules in...
  4. J

    Government mandated COVID vaccination and the rule of law . . . strict scrutiny

    . I thought it would be interesting to discuss a government mandated vaccine and the rule of law. The fact is, legally speaking, any government mandated vaccine, in order to not violate personal protected rights guaranteed under our system of law, must meet a “strict scrutiny” standard so as...
  5. J

    judge tells COVID vaccine jabbers to put up or shut up

    See: DARRIS FRIEND V CITY OF GAINESVILLE . . . Case No. 01-2021-CA-2412 15. If the government fails to put on evidence of its compelling state interest, as the City failed to do here, the Court is not required to (and, in fact, cannot) make factual findings that the government has any...
  6. J

    Why is the Biden Administration obstructing efforts to control spread of the COVID virus?

    . What I would like to know is how is the spreading of the COVID virus to be controlled when the Biden Administration is allowing tens of thousands of Haitian migrants to illegally cross our border into Texas? Recent figures show only 14,382 Haitians out of a population of over 11 million, have...
  7. J

    Democrat Leadership's immigration policy has created a COVID super spreader

    . The fact is, the Democrat Party Leadership’s Border policy is a massive COVID Super Spreader, and there is no denial about it. And it seems that the policy is intentionally designed to spread the COVID virus throughout the United States. Keep in mind the current policy is allowing thousands...
  8. J

    Great news here in Florida . . . COVID deaths and cases fall

    See: Florida COVID Cases Drop Significantly for the First Time Since Delta Surge Began ( "For the week of August 27, there are 129,240 new cases—22,612 fewer than the previous week. This is the first significant drop in new cases in the last 10 weeks. A smaller decrease of 1,222 cases...
  9. toobfreak

    Biden's Covid Strategy Is Not Working

    How is it that the one thing Biden might have been able to hang his hat on, ridding America of Covid with Trump's vaccines, is not working? The promise of the vaccine all last year was: everything will be OK once we get the vaxxes! Well, Joe took over on January 20, we have had our choice of...
  10. L

    Covid cases on the rise in Florida

    So Florida is experiencing infections numbers higher than at any point in the pandemic and what does Governor Covid do? Simply stop reporting the numbers. Nope. No numbers for two days...after having to add eight HUNDRED deaths to the numbers they reported in July...
  11. J

    NYC mandates no vax, no service, Oks covid spreaders to enjoy public accommodations

    See: New York City Announces Vaccine Mandate for Certain Indoor Activities Effective Aug. 17 “On Aug. 3, 2021, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced “The Key to NYC” mandate which, beginning Aug. 17, requires patrons of indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment and...
  12. J

    When the iron fist of government is used to compel you to take the Covid vaccine …

    It becomes quite troubling to learn the vaccine is not only experimental, but it has proven to cause considerable deaths and hospitalizations across the country: SEE: 159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases July 21, 2021 "More than 150 people have died and nearly 600...
  13. phoenyx

    CDZ Discussion on the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    Seeing as how some believe that some Covid vaccines may be better than others, I thought I'd start making threads for individual vaccines. Seeing as how the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused in the U.S. yesterday, I thought I'd start this thread with an article on that story. ** Breaking...
  14. phoenyx

    CDZ Pfizer Vaccine May Put People at Higher Risk for COVID Variants, Israeli Study Shows

    Found this article today over at RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense website. Just published yesterday, think it's quite interesting. Constructive feedback welcome. ** Israeli researchers found people who received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were eight times more likely to be infected with...
  15. toobfreak

    Last Year Trump Roasted as Covid Failure, Sweden Held as Proof?

    All last year all we heard was what a failure Trump was with Covid, and the Left held Europe, especially northern Europe, up high as the proof! "Just look at how much better these countries are doing compared to Trump's USA!" Looks like the leftist, anti-Trumpers were a bit premature. Trump...
  16. toobfreak

    What Went Wrong? I Thought It Was Trump! Covid Again?

    All last year all we heard from the Left was the litany of FAILURES by president Trump despite masks, distancing, shutdowns, and most everything else Biden and other countries were trying, being accused of killing needlessly hundreds of thousands of people due to Covid! And the proof was...
  17. toobfreak

    Whitmer Get's Public Spanking

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been autocratically issuing tickets and fines left and right to the people of Michigan for any and all violations of her many Covid edicts since last Spring. Only problem is that the state Supreme Court just determined that SHE DIDN'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY to do any of...
  18. Litwin

    Will You and You family use Putin´s Covid vaccine ? EU&Turkey, etc. have ruled out buying the Putin´s coronavirus "vaccine "

    Will You and You family use Putin´s Covid vaccine ? EU&Turkey, etc. have ruled out buying the Putin´s coronavirus vaccine. one for sure Putin and his Nigeria with snow humiliated themselves again , they can not produce nothing new, Novichek is Nigeria with snow´s level . "Turkey will not buy...
  19. deanrd

    Could Fox News be sued for lying about the coronavirus?

    Could Fox News be sued for lying about the coronavirus? I watch Fox all the time. I think it’s important to know what the enemies of America are saying. Not only did they downplay the virus but they stigmatized masks. They said that being told to wear a mask is a threat to your constitutional...
  20. deanrd

    Accepting sick people into hospitals is humanitarian, but is accepting COVID deniers fair?

    Accepting sick people into hospitals is humanitarian, but is accepting COVID deniers fair? I’m not even suggesting they shouldn’t accept Covid deniers in the hospitals because when you’re sick you’re sick. In America you should be able to receive healthcare. But for people who are calling...
  21. Astrostar

    "Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, (whew), Covid, Covid, Covid, and etc. Trump says he's tired of hearing about it, and now the missus says it "has been politicized." Where the hell does she get that? Didn't she catch the virus and disappear from view for a while? And...
  22. toobfreak

    Europe Surges Far Past USA In Covid Cases!

    Even as Democrats and Biden/Harris make their main case for election the alleged failures of the Trump Administration for not doing more sooner, faster, better with perfect 20/20 hindsight, with Joe promising that he'll "get things under control," Europe, Germany and elsewhere, who have been...
  23. WarmPotato

    The Growing Anti-Lockdown Movement

    The Australian government has made millions of dollars for corona fines. A pregnant woman was arrested for being against the lockdowns. A different woman got tazed for refusing to wear a mask. I could go on, but you get the picture. These lockdowns are a gift to authoritarians everywhere. Fear...
  24. WarmPotato

    Why Does Everybody Hate Dr Fauci?

    Fauci initially downplayed the coronavirus, comparing it to the flu! He also opposed hydroxychloroquine while initially downplaying masks. Fauci has stated that he diminished the importance of masks to ensure that nurses and doctors would have an ample supply. Fauci has made a wide range of...
  25. georgephillip

    A Covid Primer for Trump Voters

    How does 4% of the world's population account for 20% of global cases and deaths? Start here: "SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 A COVID Primer for Your Trump-Loving Friends BY THOM HARTMANN" "America’s first COVID death was on February 29 of this year, roughly 200 days ago. In that time, more than 200,000...
  26. J

    Why do the “polls” show Biden is more trusted than Trump regarding COVID-19?

    . The answer is more than obvious to those who pay attention. . Our Fifth Column Media ___ MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC., and their countless Yellow Journalists ___ have worked endlessly to portray Trump as not using...
  27. The Original Tree

    COVID Scamdemic just a ploy to implement The Green New Deal

    Not a single piece of legislation has been passed and here is what you have: Oil and Gas Wells Capped Gas and Oil Production drastically scaled back to support falling prices Airlines idled and planes grounded Hotels and Motels Empty Beaches Empty in most parts of the US People sheltered in...
  28. deanrd

    The Republicans support testing for the coronavirus?

    I’m curious, it seems like Republicans don’t support testing. Why? In the countries where COVID-19 is almost gone, they had massive testing programs. The three real failures are the United States, Brazil, and Russia. The three countries that are pretty much run by a dictator. but putting...
  29. toobfreak

    The Safer At Home Business Ambassadors Program

    Democrats are at it again. Beware the glossy euphamisms. After four years of decrying Trump a "Fascist" and a "Dictator," first chance they get, Democrat Governors-- and ONLY Democrat governors --appear all too eager to abuse their power to enact draconian and possibly illegal restrictions on...
  30. toobfreak

    Covis-19 Death Stats--- Keep Records Here

    Here is a place to keep a record of the number of people you have PERSONALLY seen and known to have died from the Covid-19 Virus. Please be truthful. Let all the tears and body bags pile up here.

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