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  1. YoursTruly

    Warning signs

    Everything now a days has warning labels and signs on on or near it. A lot of these are just the broke woke way of coddling people. Since Disney has decided to push the LGBT crap on us straight people, I think it's only proper that they warn everyone of their wokeness at the entrance of their...
  2. B

    Hispanic Republican Congressional candidate, Anna Paulina Luna, censored by TWITTER

    A conservative and Hispanic social media darling, Luna has 195,000 followers on Twitter. Yet the blue check mark next to her name that signifies verification has eluded her. “Ultimately I do feel that this is political prejudice," she told the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday...
  3. midcan5

    CDZ What happened to America's Conservative Values?

    'The Atlantic writer David Frum argues that “democracy is tested by its ability to deliver security, prosperity, and justice”. By that metric, the Trump presidency is a shambolic failure.' 'The former George W Bush speechwriter thinks 21st-century conservatism has ‘delivered much more harm than...
  4. Litwin

    Indonesian man who helped set strict adultery laws flogged for adultery

    a good lesson for all moralists , is there any chance that such laws could be introduces in conservative parts of USA? Man who set adultery laws flogged for adultery
  5. Voiceover

    Hello from the Bronx

    Rideing around in the subway and I saw this place . Common sense and Bronx street smarts bought me up Conservative with a slight edge to southern ideals and confederate respect . I'm a loyal dog so all you got to do is feed me and I'll never leave . Retired and for sport I surf cast on my...
  6. D

    Why I think there is a deep-state conspiracy to demonize single-payer healthcare

    What if everything you thought about single payer was wrong? What if the reason we don't have it and there's so much opposition to it is not because of the greed of the insurance companies, corruption, or the influence of private interests at all? This is what most progressives believe is...
  7. MarcChamot

    Hello Everyone. I'm Marc. First time here. Looking forward to it.

    Hi. I'm Marc C. I'm conservative, Jewish Christian. keep informed and love to keep others informed. I am pro-gun, pro-liberty and pro-capitalist. An avid supporter of Israel.
  8. deanrd

    Are Republicans supporting the rapist over the victim?

    In Alabama, you can torture and rape a woman until she gets pregnant and you could go to jail for 10 years. But if the doctor performs an abortion because she’s out of her mind carrying the child of her torturer and rapist, the doctor could go to prison for 99 years. In other words, he would...
  9. Chuz Life

    Question for Dimz

    If (as you claim) the wall will do little to nothing to stop the flow of drugs and illegals from entering the country. . . How do you expect mere laws with no physical barriers at all to keep guns out of the hands of criminals on the streets? You have some splaining to do!
  10. midcan5

    CDZ Populism right / left

    This is an interesting study approach to the idea of populism. I found many questions raised qualifications in my mind. Where you place yourself along a continuum can be puzzling sometimes. As many posters know me by now, my location on the chart will not surprise. I 'lean populist left', only...
  11. deanrd

    Louis Farrakhan is a right-wing religious extremist. An atheist would be considered liberal.

    Louis Farrakhan is a right-wing religious extremist. An atheist would be considered liberal. Somehow Republicans on the US message board have this idea that if it’s not Christian it must be a liberal. But all religious extremists are right wing. An atheist would be considered liberal. Not...
  12. S

    Where are the Republicans going?

    Where are the Republicans going? Republicans believe themselves to be conservatives, but I suppose they'll adopt any political label that would suit their purposes. They are not more or less patriotic than any other USA citizens. They do not represent the majority of USA's population, and...
  13. Mousterian

    The Disunited States of America

    Are we incapable of unity? We Were Made for Civil War
  14. deanrd

    The reality of the future of the Modern Republican Party

    The party is getting much older. They don't support education. They don't attract minorities. They are mostly a white party, getting more male all the time. As the number of degrees in the nation goes up, the number of degrees in the GOP goes down. So what is the future of the party...
  15. deanrd

    Will Republican women applaud the right to an abortion being taken away from them?

    Soon, we will have another radical right wing judge. Roe versus Wade is very close to being taken away from women as a right. After all, Trump said women who get an abortion should be punished. Will losing this woman's right be OK to women in the US? Should women be punished for getting an...
  16. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Circus is in Town: CPAC 2018

    The circus is in town and the head clown in in the center ring Midterm campaign Trump debuts at CPAC The president abandoned his talking points in his speech to conservative activists in favor of reviving greatest-hits lines from his campaign. Midterm campaign Trump debuts at CPAC Then he...
  17. perrydyl

    CDZ Just released a podcast this forum may find interesting

    As the title states my partner and I have just released a podcast. I am a young liberal and he is an older conservative. In the podcast we tackle issues in a bipartisan manner. Because of our political affiliations, there is some tension. However, we are very good friends and remain civil...
  18. TheProgressivePatriot

    A Conservative Take on the Disaster that is Trump

    Finally! A conservative Republican who is willing to speak of and take resposibility for the ongoing three ring circus in the White House My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump Selected excerpts:
  19. wjmacguffin

    LSTU#4: Lies, Damned Lies, and Lies (Reprise)

    Liberal Seeks To Understand #4 I'll admit to being a liberal, so speak slowly and use small words please. :) Although I can get salty, here I'm just trying to understand conservatives' POV on issues. This is an honest question. As before, I'll return respect with respect and crudeness with...
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    Christian Dominionism-The Real Threat to Our Secular Government

    Conservative xenophobes and conspiracy neurotics are wringing their hands, and lamenting the rise of Islam in our country, which they claim will bring about the implementation of Sharia law. However, whether out of ignorance or the belief that religious freedom and the first amendment does not...
  21. georgephillip

    Racism at the Root of Second Amendment

    "Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Second Amendment "militia" seems like a key term in this discussion, along with historical context. At least that is the argument...
  22. J

    Ted Cruz may not be the constitutional conservative he claims to be

    It is disappointing to see one of our self-anointed "constitutional conservatives", meaning Ted Cruz, is found to fall far short of constitutional conservatism when it comes to tax reform. Surely a "constitutional conservative" knows that proposing a flat tax on incomes would not close down the...
  23. mikegriffith1

    Why I *Could* Support Donald Trump If He Gets the GOP Nomination

    At times--not all the time, but sometimes--I find Donald Trump to be annoying, disappointing, rude, and abrasive. But, here are eight reasons that I could support him if he gets the GOP nomination: 1. Trump is the only Republican candidate who understands that trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA...
  24. Slade3200

    Liberal and Conservative, we need them both!

    I'd like to throw a few points out there for you to chew on and get your feedback. Please keep the shallow one liner partisan comments off this thread: It is essential for our government to implement policies from both the left and the right. Both sides should work together to present ideas...
  25. Chuz Life

    I am "Chuz Life" - Ask me Anything

    I tried this once in another thread with mixed results. I left that site in a never ending search for something better. I thought I would try the same here to see how it goes. Fire away!
  26. R

    CDZ When A Crooked Businessman Takes On An Honest Constitutional Lawyer

    Red State reports on the ongoing feud between current G.O.P. front-runner, Ted Cruz, WSJ/NBC Poll: Ted Cruz Overtakes Donald Trump Among Republicans and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has his entire life been a business man, and one who has regularly employed tactics and methods that are shady such...
  27. Compost

    The GOP is not Conservative

    In an interview Wednesday, Mr. Dole said that the party would suffer “cataclysmic” and “wholesale losses” if Mr. Cruz was the nominee, and that Donald J. Trump would fare better. “I question his allegiance to the party,” Mr. Dole said of Mr. Cruz. “I don’t know how often you’ve heard him say...

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