When CIA Misses A Lot: (Where Al Qaeda May Also Be!)

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    CIA now provides a daily briefing on global international events that may impact on the U. S. economy. Al Qaeda may be in Mexico (last known poverty rate, 13.8%), Pakistan, (last known poverty rate, 35%), Yemen, (last known poverty rate, 45%), or Somalia, (last known poverty rate: "High").

    But could there be others?!? So let's go, global-world, let's go! (rah! rah!)

    Maybe they could be in: Liberia, the Gaza Strip, Haiti, Zimbabwe, or Chad--at 80% poverty rates! Maybe they could be in Sierra Leone, Suriname, Mozambique, Angola, or even in Nigeria--at 70% poverty rates. They could be in Swaziland, or Burundi--68% and 69% last known poverty rates. There is also Tajikistan, Bolivia, Rwanda, Comoros Guatemala Malaway or in Senegal--Sao Tome, Afghanistan or Honduras--Kenya, Namibia, Ethiopia, Madegascar, Eritrea, or South Africa--last known poverty rates at 50% or more.

    So let's not forget about the big above 30%--last known poverty rates! Columbia and Lesotho are only two. There is also Cameroon, Nicaragua, Guinea, Venezuela, Burkina Faso and the West Bank. Bangldesh, Peru, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Cote DIvoire, Djobouti, Cambodia, Sudan, Mauritania, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Ukraine, Benin, Panama, Papua New Guinea: Also. Then there is Mongolia, Mali and Tanzania, Uganda, Belize, Uzbekistan, Burma, Grenada, Praguay Bhutan Georgia, Nepal, El Salvador, Laos, Botswana, Turkmenistan, Cape Verde, the Philippines and Dominica!

    In the Next 5% are Macedonia, Moldova, Virgin Islands, Ghana, Lebanon, Uruguay, Belarus, Micronesia, and Armenia, Algeria, Romania and Albania. We also have India, Bosnia, and Azerbaijan, Tonga. Argentina, Anguila, Guam, Srk Lanka, and there's Israel! But also there is Slovakia, Maldives, Egypt and Turkey.

    When we talk about our "Global Economy," then we are reminded that Ivy League school teachers actually get prizes and money for all that! Mainly, Mainland China used to be at 80%, but now is regarded at less than 8%, below the less booming USA, which is at 12%

    Which would seem to remind anyone that the "Global Economy" is really about no one at all.

    Anyone does see, how global investment banking--is easily regarded the providing of the funding that allows for the buying of the tickets for "The Plane! Look boss! It's the Plane."

    Apparently one even landed in Louisiana: (Of all of the places to have to. . . well. . .land, in the way that Lincoln liked to leave it!) Apparently the governor will go with the GOP Reconstruction of the South, and accept no rebuilding in his time!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!)
    (Who Fails To Understand Worl Peace and Prosperity, even(?) in our Land of Lincoln, after Bush! A General Sherman could be so proud!)

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