Oct 7, 2019
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    1. excalibur
    2. Rye Catcher
      Rye Catcher
      For someone who only began posting here in Oct. you've proved a number of things:
      You're a cowardly asshole;
      You are piece of human excrement;
      You are dumber than a box of rocks;
      You are a stupid asshole;
      You are poorly educated and uninformed;
      and, you don't have a life, strongly suggested by the number of posts every day.

      Thus, you thrive on Thanks from other biddable fools such as yourself.

      Oh, and I pity you.
    3. Rye Catcher
      Rye Catcher
      1,931 times you have pushed the funny button. The only conclusion to be drawn is you lack the intelligence, education and decorum to post a civil expository rebuttal.
    4. william the wie
      william the wie
      thanks for the rep
    5. Lumpy 1
      Lumpy 1
      Welcome to the USMB... I'm liking what you're offering up, just remember to keep smiling, I hope you stick around Nostra...
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    "It's not a question of proof, it's what allegations have been made."-Nazi Pelousy on Impeachment.

    Chief Justice Roberts:
    "It is therefore ordered and adjudged that the said Donald John Trump be, and he is hereby, acquitted of the charges in said articles"

    TOTAL EXONERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!