Representative Democracy is what we have

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    Representative democracy is what we have, not a true democracy. In a true Democracy everyone has a say in everything that goes on, in a representative democracy the people elected have the say in everything that goes on, not the people.

    "We didn't elect them to do that!", umm...yes you did.

    "The constitution says....", yes.... well the constitution gets interpeted by those who we elected to interpet it for us. Not us.

    The problem we have now is that we are moving to a corprate dictatorship, where companies have more say in how the government is run than the people. In this last election businesses were sitting on trillions of dollars that they refused to spend unless politicians they liked were elected, unlike the ones who they would have "uncertaintees, and doubts about." So basically, elect who we want or we don't spend any money on hiring or fixing the economy. And thanks for letting us spend unlimited funds on political campaigns to ensure that we get who we like.

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