Murder in Howard Beach: Killer in Custody

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    For those following the Howard Beach murder trial please remember Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vetrano in your prayers. These parents have suffered a great loss and are now in the midst of a very difficult circumstance concerning the murderer's father who continues to torment the family with denial that his son was the one who brutally beat, raped and murdered their only daughter.

    One of the most horrific attacks on Jewish people after the Holocaust was launched by revisionists who denied that the Holocaust ever happened. They denied the existence of gas chambers even though there was documented evidence that all of these things existed. The suffering of the Jewish people was beyond words over this. It is one thing to go through such a horrific experience but to then be told it didn't happen and have people out there trying to convince the world of it? How evil is that?

    The most evil satanic act any person could use against a victim of a crime is to insist on zero responsibility, refuse to acknowledge or apologize for the crime and deny, deny, deny. Enter the Lewis family, father and daughter both have denied that Chanel Lewis is guilty of the murder of Karina Vetrano. They know that Chanel Lewis confessed to the brutal beating in great detail and explained his hatred of women and motive for murdering Karina Vetrano yet the Lewis family pretends not to hear the words of their own son / family member. Truly their behavior is most bizarre. We need to keep the Vetrano family in our prayers that God will protect them from any further harm due to what they may hear or see in the days ahead.

    Jogger's Mom Yells at Suspected Killer in Court as His Dad Insists He's Not a Murderer

    Police said that the accused killer of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano said he strangled the woman because he "was angry."

    New York Post.

    "I was angry," said Lewis, according to police sources. "I had some issues at home. I just lost it. When I saw her, I just hit her and kept hitting her. I hit her and choked her,’"

    Lewis' Sunday arraignment was tense as the victim's parents — and the father of the suspect — spoke out a day after an arrest finally came in the high-profile case.

    For Vetrano's mother, speaking out came in the form of impassioned outbursts in Queens Criminal Court where Lewis was arraigned and ordered held without bail Sunday evening in the murder.

    Read: Man Arrested in 1982 Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl Bludgeoned to Death After Party

    "Savage murderer! He murdered my daughter — my beautiful, innocent daughter," the bereaved mother screamed out as Lewis was led from the courtroom.

    Vetrano later exclaimed: "He's a demon! He's a demon!"

    Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, Lewis's father told reporters that his son wouldn't possibly have committed this heinous crime that has captivated America since Vetrano's father discovered her body hours after her disappearance in August.

    "He has never done anything nothing in his whole life," Richard Lewis said Sunday. "He wouldn't have done it."

    "Karina helped us identify this person," chief of detectives, Robert K. Boyce, said at a press conference Sunday. "She had the DNA under her nails, she had touch DNA on her back and there was more DNA on the cell phone. That’s how we were able to bring the profile up and that’s how we made the link.”

    Police also said that Lewis made "detailed, incriminating statements and admission" during questioning.
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    Brick, New Jersey
    There is a sizable Muslim community located at the Waterfront end of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. It is known as "Little Port Said."
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    Dear Mrs. M. thanks for bringing up this murder because I believe the support for this family's case can lead to pushing for permanent solutions,
    possibly in conjunction with the efforts of other families seeking better means of preventing dangerous killers from remaining loose to prey on additional victims.

    1. what about pushing for screening of criminal illness using the methods in spiritual healing?
    the people I know who do this effectively are both expert in screening/diagnosing criminally ill people in need of deep therapy
    to stop dangerous destructive behavior they can detect AND these methods can CURE them or at least make them COMPLIANT with authority even if they relapse
    and remain in danger to themselves and others, at least they COMPLY insetad of REBEL against cooperating with authority

    do you see a coalition of families pushing for R&D so there can be screening
    as we have for cancer, diabetes, AIDS/HIV. why wait for an attack before diagnosing someone with a dangerous illness that can become deadly?
    is there a way to set certain "health and safety" standard, and take complaints of abuse or threats from the public,
    so this can be done LEGALLY without violating due process (as in fear of "minority report" type big brother policing before someone has committed a crime)

    2. now you also address the death penalty
    Since both sides have their "beliefs" about this, shouldn't states respect "beliefs" on both sides
    and allow equal choice and separation of funding? what do you think of the idea of offering
    DEPORTATION and loss of citizenship in place of the death penalty? What if for every
    capital offense committed, this means creating an opening on the waiting list of applicants
    for someone else to "trade places" and gain residency or citizenship IN PLACE of someone abusing
    their rights to violate those of others. So we REWARD law abiding citizens and punish those who
    break laws with PREMEDITATED capital crimes that otherwise invoke the death penalty.

    Would you be open to a prison exchange where convicts can trade places with
    workers in sweatshops across the border in place of state executions that are contested as unconstitutional?

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