Detroit Air Attack - Zionist Lies & Future Plans

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    THE FAILED ‘TERRORIST’ ATTEMPT on Christmas day 2009 by Omar Farouk Abdul Mutallab on Northwest Airlines from Amsterdam to Detroit was a singular victory for the Zionist/Military Complex which rules the White House and Capitol Hill.

    Working in close connection with the Pentagon and the CIA - the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and its intelligence branch, the Mossad, have set their sights on a new Middle East target, the nation of Yemen which borders oil-rich Saudi Arabia.
    Yemen is of particular interest to the Zionist/Military Complex as both China, a trading partner with Yemen, and Russia, now exporting weapons to Yemen, are gaining greater influence in the area. (Obama with Nobel Peace Prize in hand, bombed and killed 120 civilians in Yemen on December 16, 2009.) View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

    With reports that Mutallab ‘admitted’ to the FBI that he received his training in Yemen by Al Qaida, the Detroit plane incident provides the justification the Zionists need to engage in “preemptive strikes” against Yemenite radicals.
    Only two days after the “Christmas Day Terror Attack,” (as the Jewish-occupied press promotes it), Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman, foremost champion of the Iraq War, told Fox News that the “US must pre-emptively act in Yemen.” How convenient for the Zionist Jews who love to send American Gentile kids to die for their causes.
    Thus, in his attempt to detonate an improvised chemical mixture concocted in his underwear aboard the Detroit-bound flight, the Nigerian 23 year old Muslim ‘terrorist’ Abdul Mutallab, fulfilled his role as a Mossad plant and patsy.

    Full Story: Detroit Air Attack - Zionist Lies & Future Plans | Real Zionist News

    Yet another prime example of how these people instigate anxiety and fear to promote this bogus war on terrorism, which is nothing more than the spread of Soviet communism.

    As quiet as it’s kept by the Zionist media “Stalin was Jewish” and all that was done to Russia was masterminded by international bankers at the core of the so-called Federal Reserve, Lenin, Trotsky and all the Zionist butchers were instructed and financed our so-called Federal Reserve.

    Their media keeps the focus on Germany, and tries to garner sympathy for the backlash that came as a result of the spread of communism. General Patton came to the realization that America was fighting on the wrong side, and that communism is the real threat. The spread of Soviet Communism in the disguise of this bogus war on terrorism confirms what General Patton knew.
    They murdered Patton, and few understood that Eisenhower was a Jew and his loyalty to the Zionist.

    LINK: The Assassination Of General George Patton

    By way of deception is clearly seen by the use of a young Nigerian to open the floodgates of the entire Zionist controlled media with terrorist propaganda.

    In with effort to take peace away from Americans and the world Zionist controlled C.I.A. for some phantom organization saw to that the confused young man was placed on the flight to Detroit.

    The Zionist stunt that happened on December 25 was designed for maximum media effect, and was not at all a serious attempt to bring down the airliner. He burned up his private area, and it’s clear he had no training as the Zionist are claiming.

    The former head of the Zionist inspired so-called Department of homeland security Cheroff want our government spent billions on his scanning machines. Maybe he’s trying to out due Larry Silverstein who made billions by what happened on 9-11.

    LINK: Chertoff, Homeland Security, Shekels! » Nationalist Coalition Blog

    Not to mention the billions spent on the two…soon to be three wars that have and will take place as a result of the Zionist 9-11 false-flag operation.

    What possible greater enemy can it be than the enemy within?
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    Oh geez. Zionists, Carlisle Group, neocons...ohmy. Zionists, Carlisle Group, neocons...oh my....

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