A Common Sense Presidential Candidate for 2012?

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    Looking for a presidential candidate with just some good old fashion common sense? Check out Joe Schriner.
    Who is he? ...In Joe's words:
    I'm, for the most part, your average Midwesterner, I told the Duluth (MN) News. I jog in a pair of gray sweats. My favorite spots to eat are your basic diners. Whats more, I cut my own lawn. Oh, and Im running for president.

    I told the Lancaster (OH) Eagle Gazette that the reason I am running for president is that I am a concerned parent. That is, I don't want to leave a world of climate change, war, abortion, rural and inner city poverty, violent streets, nuclear proliferation, astronomical national debt, little social security, dwindling access to healthcare to our children. What sane parent would?

    Now, I didn't go to Harvard, Yale, or even Rutgers for that matter. I went to Bowling Green State University where I majored in journalism. I then worked for a couple intermediate-sized Ohio newspapers. I later became an addictions counselor. And in 1990, as a lead up to the presidential run, I took my journalism skills on the road to look for common sense solutions to the societal problems I outlined above.

    And in some tremendously extensive, cross-country research (that has continued during my years of campaigning), I've found those solutions.

    Time for someone with a little more common sense in white house?
    I think so!!
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