WOW! The First Lady of the United States believes half of the population are "evil"

All of the first ladies that in my lifetime. Hillary holds nothing on Jill. Pure selfishness for her own comforts. And people have suffered and died due to it. They had to run Joe in 2020 to make sure they could steal the election as he was the most known and had a history. There are many people who feel this way about Jill and the numbers are growing. This is banana republic territory now. And the elites most likely were shooting for that. To make our government a joke. We are a cartoon.
Hilarious stupid fuckup
Jill and "good old Uncle Joe" could have just melted away into the obscurity of history. But noooo Jill wanted the fame. That evilness from Jill has amounted to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Ukraine and from our open southern border. Now, the world looks at the photos of Hunter, the diary of her daughter, the tens of millions of dollars th8at the family received from our adversary nations. Good job Dr. Jill....Four more years Pause? A good wife would have protected her family no matter how many bad things they had done....Not Jill... she is all in for four more years. Pure evil.
You only thought Biden Munchausen brought misery and death. He or his handlers have given Ukraine the okay to bomb inside Russia with American bombs. Act of war anyone.

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