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Why are there so few liberals in law enforcement?


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Sep 23, 2004
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lol.. posted by a buddy of mine:

1. It's impossible to make a workable body armor cover from hemp

2. Uniforms are commonly made of wool or wool blends; when combined with sweat and Patchouli Oil, a rash generally occurs

3. Birkenstock has not yet branched out into making tactical boots

4. It's considered bad form to hit the chronic on your days off

5. A ponytail tied with a piece of leather is only acceptable if you're working narcs

6. Suspects in the back seat having to listen to Pan Flute music on the patrol car stereo will become violent and hostile within four minutes

7. Police Departments mostly prefer IBM over Mac

8. Biodiesel makes Crown Vics explode

9. It really is a pain in the ass to try to "shoot the gun out of their hand" instead of just center-punching the guy

10. Most agencies prefer their staff pay all their taxes every single year


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