Where we are and how we got here.

I'm nearly sixty. The only difference is that I am not afflicted with the disease of nostalgia. No such thing as the good old days. We all get old and the world moves on without us.
IOW you can't remember your own fuck ups.....Just like Biden, thought so.
Where we are today and how we got here is important for the people to understand. There is more information available than ever before, but the situational awareness of average Americans is plummeting particularly among the college educated. America’s colleges and universities continue to mass produce people who read and write on an eighth-grade level so apologies for the complex level on which this is written.

A perfect storm of expanding technology, government friendly mass media, state-dispensed psychoactive drugs, and socialist-centric indoctrinating education have converged to produce a cerebrally infantile population. In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise election win in 2016 Washington acted quickly to take government back from the people who were trying to regain control of it. The people, quite rightly tried to return their government to a state of constitutional grass roots democracy as it was intended by the founders.

Washington’s reaction to Trump’s populism was swift and sure. It moved, like a banana republic, to corrupt many of its security agencies to deal with the growing threat of people taking back government. The FBI, NSA, CIA and many more were engaged not to protect the people from foreign threats, but to protect professional, embedded Washington from Trump who was reminding the people that it is they who are really meant to be in charge. Washington’s beltway is littered with rich politicians that got that way by selling out the health, education, and welfare of the people.

An update

The massive failures of the Great Society became clear almost at once as the destruction of the nuclear family with a biological mother and father had been destroyed by intellectuals and politicians to create centrally planned dependence for a managed underclass. A warning was issued by Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 that rewarding mothers for ousting the fathers of their children from the home was a recipe for disaster. Moynihan was a professionally trained sociologist as well as a prominent politician in the Democratic Party. He was also the Assistant Secretary of Labor. Moynihan realized that the deteriorating family structure of blacks was the real reason for growing black poverty, so he issued the Moynihan Report: The Negro Family, The Case for National Action.

Moynihan argued as other intellectuals before him, that the fractured family units of blacks was a driving factor in black poverty going all the way back to the days of slavery and Jim Crowe Laws. He admonished the Johnson administration that encouraging fatherless families would quickly spread to metastasizing dependence creating a “kept” class mired in subservience to government and frozen in place. Moynihan was ignored and ostracized for blaming victims and today the rate of single motherhood among blacks is around seventy percent, whites, thirty percent, and Hispanics, thirty five percent. Now millions of households are headed by single mothers with several children all fathered by different men in jail or prison.

It was not long before America’s experimental family-deprived children began to show behavioral problems, so a solution was quickly devised to cover up for the bad policies of the Great Society. Government turned to the medical quackery of American psychiatry and psychology and invented a political disease they called ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, later changed to ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

This allowed states to dart schoolchildren with mind-bending chemicals as is done with escaped animals to protect the public or in this case, Washington. Proper behavioral science has always seen that “acting out” is a predictable outcome of unnatural family situations many children are trapped in much like wild animals confined to cages in a zoo. Hiding this by drugging kids became paramount in protecting Washington’s new propagating power structure and today millions of college students have been chemically altered by such meth-like substances as Adderall and Ritalin since grammar school. Washington used a "One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" approach on the innocence of children to empower itself and future historians will likely be appalled at the practice.

It is worth noting that there is enough missing Fentanyl at a local medical facility in my hometown of Keene New Hampshire to kill every living human in the Western Hemisphere. Liberal local media in the city will work hard to give the pharmacological poisoning of the population a good leaving alone. Unfortunately, it is too late for some like a member of my family that went braindead from swallowing what he thought was safe and perished from the neck up before he hit the floor. Oh, by the way his premature death is so common in the city that it went unreported as not newsworthy.

Fentanyl is an artificially formulated drug that is as much as 100 times as potent as morphine. It is primarily manufactured in Mexico and comes into the US over unprotected borders. The people are seeing what appears to be an unwritten agreement between the US and Mexico to drug an unruly US population into submission. The replacement mobs being ushered through South and Central America in partnership with Mexico are one clue to the malfeasance of US leadership. The legalization of medical marijuana in the US is another.

If Washington can rewire the brains of the people with high grade THC and Fentanyl it could conceivably keep them in a perpetuated state of chemical stupefaction and convince them to reject real democracy. Free people in the US are an embarrassing obstacle to an insectoid world government and Washington, infested with the dirty money of tobacco, alcohol and weed lobbies, is trying hard in what it sees as an Armageddon against the people to preserve central planning. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 may have been the last straw for Washington so media propaganda, a rigged election, a concocted disease, (Sars-Cov-2) and the chemical warfare of Big Pharma appear to have been implemented to put the people in their place.

Don’t take my word for it, just turn on your television. Direct to consumer prescription drug advertising is as ubiquitous as reality shows. Talk about name your poison; you see it on television then go to your doctor and pester him or her for the snake oil until they relent. There is big money and unlimited power in addicting populations to chemicals. Toy manufacturers discovered the “Edward Bernays” effect generations ago at Christmas time. Use propaganda to convince people they must have something, and they will go to any lengths to get it including, but not limited to, giving up all the freedoms their predecessors fought to provide them with.

This didn’t come from you because it was what you wanted; it came from bribed Washington because it was what it wanted. The love of money really is the root of all evil. Americans should be a lot more concerned with how many pharmaceutical representatives their doctors are playing golf with than whether the Hippocratic Oath still applies. The Hippocratic Oath was for sale and Big Pharma had the money to buy it.

Americans are morbidly obese, alcoholic, drug-addicted, and horribly misinformed about how Washington runs with lobbyists that spread dirty money around like fairy dust. If you were appalled at being surrounded with goon squads of supermarket masked lemmings during an obviously manufactured pandemic, then you were not alone while you guided your shopping cart around climbing walls of beer cases. Any US doctor will tell you what you already know: Ninety percent of the alcohol in America is consumed by ten percent of the drinkers. That says nothing about the millions in the US that mix weed, booze and tobacco like sugar in a car’s gas tank. The lobby solution? Pay the doctors to keep quiet.

Any reasonable person could easily conclude that the people choking in intensive care units during the pandemic were not expiring from Covid, they were dying with it. Their ravaged lungs and livers finally gave out from the prescribed lifestyles provided to them by Paid-off US political leaders. Washington is wholly owned by lobbyists standing for alcohol, tobacco, and medical marijuana. In my state of New Hampshire, the first act of Governor Chris Sununu was to declare liquor stores and tobacco outlets essential businesses while he closed churches, schools, and restaurants.

The toxic combination of RINO republicans joining Washington insiders that saw Donald Trump as a threat to their gold mine of addiction is everywhere you look. No one is calling for the closure of tobacco shops and liquor stores because history has taught us that addiction is stronger than common sense and the will of the people to guard their own health. The government knows this and has made hay with it for as long as most of us can remember. Once a citizen is hooked on a government taxed chemical, the odds of breaking a life shortening, habitual dependency are about the same as being struck by lightning twice. Prohibition only works on churches and schools as government declares emergency measures to force the population to don cheap paper masks that are as useful at preventing disease as putting top hats on men and corsets on women. Future historians will cringe at the gullibility of today’s populations as they march obediently to life spans shortened by 20 or 30 years; wearing masks of course.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost disease expert, is on record in 2012 bragging that a worldwide pandemic is worth it if it advances his research. That is likely why he circumvented orders from the Obama administration not to pursue gain of function experiments and did it anyway in the early days of the Trump presidency. This would be like tobacco and alcohol manufacturers putting fentanyl in cigarettes and liquor to supply a more enjoyable experience for the addicted on their way to an early casket.

The untold wealth of addiction is the coin of the realm in government and the contempt Washington has for the people in America is for all the world to see. Dying smokers, drinkers, and drug addicts, swallowing their faces in nursing homes while children are injected with government poison is about as ludicrous as any human civilization could get, yet it is happening in broad daylight because greed is not everything in Washington-it is the only thing.

Why would Washington do this? The answer is simple. The key to absolute power is to destroy democracy in America because it is the last bastion of it in the world. If the economy can be devastated with bad policy making the people’s money worthless, chaos will ensue, and Martial Law declared. The government can then implement emergency measures taking away all the rights of the people. Gas prices, food prices, and housing prices are all rising to unprecedented levels. The only thing that has gone down is the intelligence of the 81 million voters that put Joe Biden in White House. The one redeeming feature is that many of those votes came in boxes, baskets, and suitcases of “special” votes to take out Trump who was exposing Washington. So maybe, just maybe, the people are not as stupid as they appear.

The world is watching what America does in the face of the stupidest presidential administration in the history of the republic. Propaganda has brain damaged a huge swath of the American people and some are embarrassed at their stupidity. But as we all know there is more than enough stupid to go around in the US electorate. Trump does not drink, smoke, or use drugs which makes him unpopular, but do we need to abandon America just so beer commercials on TV can keep shortening the lives of citizens?

These people in Washington are not just wrongheaded or misguided. They are organized and sinister and they will use chemicals on the people to keep power without batting an eyelash. No one is advocating for taking away the people’s beer and cigarettes. We know that will not work. But when Washington upped the ante after Trump’s election with Mexican Fentanyl, that should have been a red flag.

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