Unequal and Unsupportive: Exposure to Poor People Weakens Support for Redistribution among the Rich


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Nov 21, 2021
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This paper [analyses] the relationship between exposure to poor people and support for redistribution (of wealth) among the rich in Denmark.

In short, we find that local exposure to poor individuals reduces support for redistribution among the well-off.

First, we show that the negative effect of exposure to poor individuals ostensibly consolidates over time and thus extends beyond a transient effect after a specific episode.

Second, we show that the negative effect is observable in a more abstract outcome by tapping general attitudes toward redistribution.

Third, our findings show that the negative effect of exposure to poorer individuals for redistribution support extends to a relatively economically equal Scandinavian welfare state.

Exploring what exact mechanisms, e.g., stereotype activation or negative out-group affect, underlie this response' and why we do not see a symmetrical response when poor people are exposed to rich individuals are relevant foci for future research.

Rather than animating a self-correcting demand for greater equality, such experiences tend to perpetuate inequality by lowering the desire for redistribution among those who have the means to redistribute.

I could have told them that. No need to have a bunch of PhD’s working on that project.

Awful wordy to explain why folks don't volunteer to work at food banks for very long....I know it was one and done with me.

Yep, it's kind if disheartening to see some 5 foot nothing/300+ # "poor" person with a cigarette hanging from their yap pull up in their nicer cars, phones, shoes than you coming to get free food handouts so they'll have more money to spend on cars, phones, shoes, cigarettes, etc....
A bit of confusion , as you need to distinguish between the various different IQ scales .
Academic .
Experience .( street wise /smart )
Emotional , and
Mind / Soul .

Puts it all in better/easier perspective
When i was much younger and just started working on my PhD in the "School of Life" i was naive thinking that helping out the poor with a few bucks was very charitable. Then when i saw the panhandler pull out a load of dollars, more than i had at the time, i felt some resentment. After many years of studying the poor, i realized that the great Proverb is true.


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