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U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked


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Aug 6, 2009
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Not the middle of nowhere
1) Models are just fine when you need them and any time you're attempting to predict the future behavior of a complex system, you will need a model. There is no other way.
2) Models take real-world data (ie empirical observations) as input. You act as if they're completely disconnected.
3) The measurement of CO2 levels from 1780 was accomplished by the analysis of trapped gases and proxy data. It did not make use of models
4) The analysis of current CO2 to see how much was produced by fossil fuel combustion did not make use of models.
5) The contention that an increase in GHG levels in the atmosphere increases the Earth's equilibrium temperature did not make use of models.
6) The radiative forcing factor graphic from AR5 did not make use of models.

So, fuck off troll.


The IPCC is on record for stating that computer models cannot be used to predict the future climate.

LOL.......you bozo's don't want to acknowledge that, huh??!!!:gay::gay::funnyface:

IPCC admits that climate models fail (Professor Stein Storli Bergmark, physicist) | Tesla

What a bunch of weenies these climate crusaders are......phonies all.

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