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Nov 22, 2003
I've done such things myself, one starts in, recognizes that it's not just a waste of brain cells, then feels compelled to keep at it. The only thing one can learn from such excercises is to recognize inanity when it is being deployed. You will recognize the tendency towards substance abuse if done too often:

Liveblogging "Why We Fight"

At the urging of a lefty friend I have been forcing myself to sit through an anti-American propaganda film, "Why We Fight." Fortunately, I can link it for you without worrying that the film makers will profit from it, since it's now available online for free: if you've the stomach, you can just click right here.

It's agonizingly bad. At least, the first 30 minutes are agonizingly bad. Noam Chomsky hasn't shown up yet, but Gore Vidal has, natch. There's not a single thing in here that I haven't heard before. It's the standard boilerplate anti-American stuff that anyone who seriously watches politics has heard thousands of times before. Some of it's true, some of it's arguable, some of it's false, and all of it is outrageously slanted.

I'm not sure I can force myself to watch the remaining 60 minutes or so. Yet somehow I know my friend will accuse me of being "closed minded" and not able to watch things that I disagree with. When what he really needs to know is that you have to be very isolated and sheltered from other points of view to just swallow whole a film like this.

Can't think of a nice way to tell him. Well maybe I'll go ahead and sit through the rest and think about it some more. Anyone else who wants to join me in this, let me know if you have any thoughts.

*Update*: Ugh, I'm still gamely struggling through. Just when I think the film's getting slightly reasonable, suddenly now we're on Evil Dick Cheney and Halliburton. And just when they start raising some salient points that are worth considering, they go off on the deep end and make him look like Darth Vader. My God, they must all love this film over at Daily Kos.

Question for the audience: will Dean make it all the way through this film and retain his sanity? What's the over and under on this thing?


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