The only reason i will still watch the Chiefs

Grampa Murked U

Grampa Murked U

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Jun 13, 2011
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Kansas City
Wait, you're going to watch the Chiefs because you have what looks like a Photoshopped picture of Mahomes holding up a shirt? :p
I watch the Chiefs because he's a good kid with a heart of gold. Always doing shit in the community and helping others. It also helps that they stand for the flag and anthem rather than hiding in the locker room or kneeling. I think they have one douche that disrespects our flag but fuck him.
Mahomes seems to be the real deal, a legit role model for troubled kids and that makes him worth supporting.
As far as "photo shopped" goes, he walks the walk so.....
Those pictures of celebs supposedly holding up shirts for sale are fairly common. I doubt many are legitimate. :dunno:
No clue. One of my clients sent me the link during a game. I met Patrick a couple years back at a post game rally and the kid it legit.

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