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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your love ones, dear Gipper! May God bless you and your family and help you with everything you do. Thanks for all your smart and profound posts, I wish there were a lot more people like you on the forum, in USA and everywhere: it would have been a lot more difficult for the Deep State to exist and to rule.
    Why won't you get the fuck out of America and live in some place that hasn't a government so you can live your dream. Destroying America for the rich is all you stand for. You're nothing more then a bitch.
    Wishing you, your love ones and your country a wonderful Holiday Season and 4 or more years of wonderful President! Thank you for all your support, I'm happy to have guys like you around.
    Also, read your statement again. First you ask if we can agree that (and I quote here) "D's are however, much worse. Do we agree on that?". Then you turn around and say (and again I quote) "But, people like you think the R's are so much better. They are not". Uh...what?!? You just said yourself the "D's are much worse". If the D's are "much worse" that means by default that "R's are much better". :cuckoo:

    For the record - I think Republicans are miserable asshole big government liberals and I've never voted for a one of them in my life. My point was, you're an absolute buffoon for thinking liberals will unite with you because they want what you want. They do not (Christ, read a couple of liberal posts on USMB already).
    I understand exactly who your posts were intended for and that's why it's so comical. The fact that you actually believe Democrats (not the politicians but the citizens) so not want stateism indicates you are woefully out of touch with reality. The left in this country (again, not the politicians) are never going to unite with us because all they crave is bigger and more centralized government.
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