Scientist says 'liquid battery energy' wave of battery future


Mar 19, 2012
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For the complete article use this link-->Scientist says liquid battery energy wave of battery future Scientist says liquid battery energy wave of battery future
He's appeared on 'The Colbert Report' and has hosted a Ted Talk, but Dr. Donald Sadoway's message Thursday in Santa Fe was for New Mexico, and was a message of hope.

Remember when we were in the running for Tesla's new gigafactory?

We lost to Nevada, but there may be a silver lining.

According to Dr. Sadoway, lithium ion technology, which Tesla uses, is old news and too expensive.

"What we need to make electric cars broadly affordable is to make the price point not $125,000, but $25,000, and you can't get there with lithium ion technology, even with a 30 percent reduction in the cost," Dr. Sadoway said.

Well, not necessarily old news – just not the wave of the future.

"Maybe I should be a little kinder and say it would be nice to have those jobs here and so on, but I think that the expectations that have been raised may be difficult to meet. Let's leave it at that," Dr. Sadoway said.

He's pushing what's called "liquid battery energy" – a renewable energy.

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