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20 Future Trends


May 14, 2022
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Portland, ME
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Transhumanism is the combining of machines and human beings.

David Tippett, a contributor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) website, described transhumanism in this way:

The globalists of our day propose to fundamentally change humanity through means that include the changing of the human DNA (i.e., “nanotechnology”). Contrary to what the WEF would have us believe, the end result of this artificial “biological evolution” will be something far different than what God created as well as what Jesus died on the cross to redeem.

Dr. Carrie Madej, in her April 19, 2021 video, defined transhumanism in a similar way as in the above quote, but also warned of its many dire consequences for our future as the elite of the world seek to exercise complete control of our behavior.[ii]

In November of 2017, an article appeared on the Forbes website with this title: Transhumanism and The Future of Humanity: 7 Ways the World Will Change By 2030. Here is a quote from the introduction of this article:

Why wouldn't I be terrified of being gay? You know how shitty I perform the role of a heterosexual? "Oh, hey, Mark we made a mistake...you are a gay man who wants all the man in him you can get."


May 14, 2022
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Portland, ME
11. The universe will be in overall balance as it was and is.

Philosophy is based on induction and imagination, and the universe described by philosophers is too abstract and vague. Physics is based on experiments and mathematics, but the macroscopic universe is so large and the microscopic matter so small that physicists will never be able to verify all the physical phenomena of the entire universe with enough experiments, so the universe described by physicists is always a narrow local universe. Only the perfect combination of philosophy, physics and mathematics can accurately describe the fundamental laws of the entire universe. I will offer here some philosophical imaginings of the universe laws that may be useful to physicists and mathematicians.

(1) Interconnected substances in the universe:
At the macroscopic cosmic level, the solar system has more than a million planets and asteroids, the Milky Way in which the solar system is located has hundreds of billions of star systems, and the universe has about a billion galaxies like the Milky Way. According to current knowledge of physics, so many bodies in the universe are independent and unconnected, and the universal gravitation that they rely on is a magical long-range force that does not require objects to connect to each other. Based on Newton's mechanics or Einstein's general theory of relativity, all the celestial bodies in the universe are like isolated islands without any connection to each other.

The universe is very, very big, but it's not infinite. So, for the outermost star system in the universe, once the central star has burned out, some of the planets and asteroids around it must escape the universe and become free bodies. As the outermost galaxy disintegrates, the suboutermost galaxy becomes the outermost galaxy and gradually disintegrates too. Over time, all the celestial bodies in the entire universe would fall apart and go their separate ways.

At the microcosmic level, a mole of water weighs only 18 grams, but contains 3*6.02*10^23 atoms. So many atoms are also like isolated islands, held together only by the faintest electromagnetic attraction, with the edge atoms likely to escape at any moment.

Can gravity and electromagnetic gravity hold together the innumerable independent celestial bodies and atoms firmly and forever? Unless you are a Christian and you believe in the power of God, you are bound to question it. The forces of nature must not be so magical and powerful. A more natural guess is that all the celestial bodies and atoms of the universe are interconnected, and that the universe will always be one interconnected, indivisible whole. It's just that we haven't found the tiny matter that connects the universe, perhaps dark matter or the Higgs field.

(2) The ever-present balanced universe:
Huge universe contains a large number of contradictory things, such as visible star matter and invisible dark matter, birth and death of the stars, massive stars and small planets, rise and fall of the country, people's pain and happiness, positive protons and negative electrons, men and women, rich and poor, day and night, summer and winter, advanced and backward, and so on.

Since all the substances in the whole universe are interconnected, all the above contradictory things must also be interconnected and can be transformed into each other, which reflects the law of unity of opposites among contradictions. And the balance of power between contradictory things is most likely 50:50, which means that the universe is a zero-sum balanced universe. The balanced universe is very stable and can exist forever.

The eternal universe has no origin. The Big Bang hypothesis, proposed by Western scientists, describes that the universe began as an unexplained singularity, with extremely huge mass and density, which miraculously exploded sometime about 13.8 billion years ago, producing matter that formed the vast universe.

No one can reasonably explain why the mass of the entire universe could converge on a single point? Why did this point magically explode? Why did the explosion happen 13.8 billion years ago and not 23.8 billion years ago? How many years had the singularity slept before the Big Bang? If the universe had a beginning, then it would also have an end. How many years would it take to reach the end? The Big Bang hypothesis, which can not stand any scrutiny, is similar to the superstition that God created the world. It was made up by Christian or Catholic scientists. It is the most ridiculous fallacy in the world today!

There have been a lot of galactic explosions locally, but there has never been a big bang globally. It is impossible for anything, for any force, to create or destroy so vast and complex universe. The universe has been existing and will continue existing forever. Only things in balance can last forever, so different parts of the universe always counterbalance each other to keep the entirety balance of negative and positive. Only the balance of negative and positive forces can form a zero-sum universe, and only the zero-sum universe can avoid falling into an infinite or infinitesimal dead end in the eternal movements.

The courses of rising and declining of things are always in infinite loop, which is the basic feature of the universe. Substances have not the origin but the movements from some places to other places. The universe always contains contradictory substances, which counterbalance each other so as to make the universe keep the zero-sum balance forever. The earth and the sun have the courses of rise and decline, but the universe as a whole is always in the balanced and zero-sum state, and the universe as a whole never has so-called rise and decline.

(3) Moving substances in the universe:
Based on the above analyses, all particles in the universe must have a common cosmic chain that runs through the universe so that they can never completely separate, like a chain of pearls holding together a large number of pearls. The universe is made up of extremely long cosmic chain and countless particles strung together in extremely complex ways into galaxies that form an indivisible universe.

Therefore, the whole universe is one indivisible object, namely the whole universe has only one extremely large substance. And, the whole universe can contain only one kind of basic substance. If the universe really has 62 kinds of basic substances as described in the standard model of physics theory, it's absolutely impossible for these 62 kinds of separate basic substances to form an indivisible and lasting universe, and the 62 kinds of basic substances will sooner or later separate to everywhere. The same basic substances of multiple positions and moving directions form a vast and ever-changing universe through extremely complex combinations and entanglements.

The cosmic chain and all of particles together form a seamless whole. The cosmic chain and the particles can transform into each other. Cosmic chains can wound into particles, and particles can unwound into cosmic chain. All substances in the universe are always a whole, and the butterfly effect applies to the whole universe. The relation between the cosmic chain and the particles is a bit like the relation between the chain and the pearls of the pearl chain, except that the chain and the pearls cannot transform into each other while the cosmic chain and the particles can transform into each other.

Stars are simply places of nuclear fusion where hydrogen atoms are transformed into various heavy atoms, so where did the hydrogen atoms, the raw material for all stars, come from? Where do the protons and electrons that make up the hydrogen atom come from? Where do the quarks that make up protons come from? There must be a mechanism and a place in the universe to make quarks and electrons. Both quarks and electrons are tangled up in basic cosmic chain, which is dark matter, and where they are made are dark stars. Dark stars that do not emit light produce quarks and electrons in the same way that glowing stars produce photons in the same way.

All substances in the universe are always moving. There is no stationary substance and no moving vacuum, so substance and motion can be combined into one concept. The various motions travel through the cosmic chain and interact mutually, which produces gravitation, electromagnetic force, weak force and strong force between substances. Therefore, the essence of force is the interaction of substance motions. Any change of substance motion is ostensibly due to force, but in essence due to the motions of other substances. Motion produces force rather than force produces motion.

All variables in the universe are vectors. There is no scalar in the universe. Time, energy, work and so on are vectors. On the evolving planets, time is forward; on the degenerate planets, time is negative. The existing system of physics will be greatly modified, such as kinetic energy formula Ek = mv*2/2 will be changed to Ek = mv|v|/2.

The result of the motion of matter is the aggregation or diffusion of matter. The result of physical movement is the aggregation or diffusion of basic substances, of which dynamic balance equation is: cosmic chain⇌ basic particles⇌ atoms⇌ inorganic substances⇌ matrix nebula⇌ star. This is a reversible transformation between large substances and small substances. The result of chemical movements is the aggregation or diffusion of atoms, of which dynamic balance equation is: inorganic substances⇌ bacteria⇌ vegetables⇌ animals⇌ ancient humans⇌ contemporary humans⇌ future humans. This is the reversible transformation between simple substances and complex substances. Positive and negative movements of physics or chemistry counterbalance each other to maintain the entirety balance of the zero-sum universe.

The sun is the physical center of the solar system, and the earth is its chemical center. Every star system in the universe has a physical center and a chemical center where there are probably lives. The lives in some star systems are more advanced than we are. But the lives in another star systems fall behind us. Some of them live in the process of development but others live in the process of degeneration. But the entirety of the balanced universe has never development or degeneration. Assuming the universe has 2 billion and one star systems with lives, the evolution degree of all these star systems could be respectively marked with the integers -1000000000, . . . . . . , -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, . . . . . . , +1000000000 and the sum of all the integers is zero.

(4) Consciousness in the universe:

There are also information movements which are special forms of physical movements. The production process of human consciousness is the process of information entering the neural network of the brain through sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. As humans grow and evolve, more and more information is connected in the brain, so the neural networks of the brain become more and more complex and the outlines of the world in the brain become larger and larger.

When a lot of information enters the brain, it is arranged in layers like electrons outside the nucleus, with important and profound information in the inner layer and minor and superficial information in the outer layer. Important inner information is stable information, which determines a person's character. The minor outer information belongs to wandering information, which determines a person's contingency behavior. When the brain is relaxed, especially in deep sleep, it arranges layers of incoming information to make it logic. After a person falls asleep, the wandering information in the outermost layer of the brain breaks free like free electrons of metal and assembles freely into messy, false dreams. We often wake up miraculously with answers to puzzles we didn't figure out before we went to bed.

Chinese people wrongly translate the English word "psychology" into the Chinese words "heart principle study". The essence of psychology is brain principle study because all information, consciousness and wisdom are in the brain rather than the heart. The heart is a blood pump that circulates blood just as the switching power supply of a computer. The brain is like the combination of logic chips, memory chips, and operating system of a computer.

Matter contains consciousness. Consciousness belongs to matter and is a kind of information matter, the essence of matter and the highest level of matter, so everything in the universe is matter. The human brain cannot receive information about all the substances in the surrounding environment, but only some key substances, so the relationship between matter and consciousness is like the relationship between the whole transportation network and the trunk transportation network.

Consciousness is microscopic substance and the higher level of substance than the substances such as water and air. It is wrong to say that substance determines consciousness and that consciousness comes after matter. The correct statements are for the whole universe, the lower substances and the higher substance of consciousness always exist together. The lower substances and the higher substance of consciousness are interdependent and there is no question of one determining the other.

In the evolutionary planets, chickens were created by genetic mutation before eggs were created by genetic recombination. But for the universe as a whole, the chicken and the egg will always exist together, because the evolving planets and the degenerate planets will always exist together and will always balance each other.

The planet in the best position of the universe is the highest planet in the universe, and the smartest person on this planet is the smartest person in the universe. Information about the physical structures of the entire universe are connected to the brain of the most smartest person, and the neural structures of this person's brain are highly similar to the physical structures of the entire universe. The neural structures of this person's brain are like the genes or seeds of the substances of the entire universe, and there is a mapping between them. The best position of the universe constantly moves as the universe constantly moves, so that the different planets of the universe alternately and briefly hold the highest level of intelligence and culture in the universe.

(5) Space of the universe:

Cosmic space is a closed space made up of extremely-long cosmic chain and countless particles, so the universe is bounded and not infinite. The space beyond the cosmic space is an absolute vacuum with no physical meaning. But the boundaries of the universe are dynamic, not fixed.

There's only one universe, there may be parallel galaxies in the universe but there certainly isn't a parallel universe. The expansion of some galaxies checks and balances the contraction of others, just as the ebb of some parts of the sea on the earth checks and balances the flow of others, so the total volume of the cosmic space is basically stable. No part of the universe can expand indefinitely, and no part of the universe can contract indefinitely to a singularity with infinite space-time curvature.

The hypothesis about universe inflation is the second most ridiculous fallacy in the world following the Big Bang hypothesis, and we should not be superstitious about all the predecessors including Hubble. All the evidences that proved the universe has been expanding are all like an iceberg above sea level, because there must be other uncharted shrinking spaces like the dark spaces made of dark matter. Shrinking spaces and expanding spaces conterbalance each other to maintain the overall balance of the universe.

(6) cosmic time:
Our distance to the point of direct sunlight determines what o'clock it is; where the earth is in the solar system determines what day today is; where the earth is in the universe determines what year we are in. Any change in time is due to a spatial change of moving substances.

The essence of time is the displacement of moving substances in space. How long a substance moves is equivalent to how far it has moved. So time is not a fundamental concept of the universe but a concept derived from moving substances and space. The so-called four-dimensional space-time and the ten-dimensional space-time are both three-dimensional space in nature.

Cosmic space is a closed circular space in which matter can move forever. This closed circular space has no beginning and end. Therefore, time as a derivative concept of the motion of matter has no so-called beginning and end. The universe is a closed space that circulates forever, while the earth is a closed space that circulates temporarily. The beginning and end of time on the earth are artificially set, such as Greenwich Mean Time and Beijing Time.

A Brief History Of Time are extremely absurd descriptions. The universe always maintains a zero-sum balance so the universe at any time is in balance. Time has no meaning for the universe and time only has meaning for the local universe such as the solar system.

Hawking's brief history of time is a ridiculous book based on the false God and two of today's biggest fallacies: the universe Big Bang hypothesis and the universe inflation hypothesis. Chinese people should question and surpass western cosmologists including Hawking. Only the Chinese who deny all religions and believe in the balanced universe can discover the basic framework and laws of the universe.

(7) Humans of any planet will never cross the galaxy:

It took 3.8 billion years of evolution for the lives on the earth to get to where it is now, but the evolution of lives has been accelerating. Human society has achieved more in the three technological revolutions in the past hundred years than in the millions that preceded them. We are only a few hundred years from the apex of life evolution, and within the next few hundred years we will know the outlines of the entire universe. As time goes by, several hundred years later, the relative position of the earth in the universe will become worse and worse, human beings will receive less and less external information, human intelligence will gradually degenerate, and human society will enter a long period of degeneration.

Just as it is impossible for anyone to live forever, it is also impossible for any planet to live forever. Life on any planet will eventually become extinct. Life on any planet will inevitably decline, degenerate and become extinct after undergoing a brilliant evolutionary process. No life on any planet can escape extinction by crossing the star system. The universe must have a lot of aliens, but any alien outside our solar system cannot reach the earth alive and anybody on the earth can't reach other human planet, because the ultra-high speed flight necessary for cross between the star systems can make anyone's body collapse before succeeding across the star systems.

Sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, the Wandering Earth and the three-Body Problem could never happen. Human beings on any planet can never truly perceive the whole universe, but can only perceive the virtual and detailed universe through AR and VR technologies after discovering the basic framework of the universe.

The crossing of planets is of great significance to human beings on the earth, but it is of no significance to the universe as a whole, because there are countless planets with life in the universe, and old and new planets take over from each other all the time. The extinction of life on any one planet has no loss to the universe as a whole. Not only does it go against the laws of the universe to cross star systems, but it can go against the laws of the universe to cross planets. Musk's plan for a million people to migrate to Mars is probably a ludicrous plan against the laws of the universe. Exploration and tourism for a small number of people is meaningful, but permanent migration to Mars is ludicrous.

12, Mathematics will describe all of things in the universe.

No matter how the universe changes, the sum of the momentum of all substances is always equal to zero, so all kinds of motions counterbalance each other to maintain the overall balance of the universe. From the perspective of the local universe, many phenomenons of quantum mechanics are random and irregular. But from the perspective of the universe as a whole, there is no random phenomenon, the whole universe is as precise as a fancy watch and always in balance. The randomness of everything stems from the limitations of human cognition and measurement. Theoretically, all phenomenons in the universe can be calculated mathematically. The application of mathematics has been extended from the natural sciences to economics, and will be extended to politics, sociology, philosophy, psychology, law and so on.

In the future, all the motions of everything in the universe will be explained by a system of mathematical equations. The difference in structures and quantities of the same kind of basic substances results in the difference in quality and quantity of objects, which can be described by mathematical geometry and algebra. In the computer world, almost everything can be represented by the numbers of zero and one, which represent on and off of circuit. The computer world is the imaginary world represented by 0 and 1, while the universe is the real world represented by -1 and +1. Everything in the entire universe can be represented by various mathematical combinations of -1 and +1 in three dimensions, where -1 and +1 represent the minimum motion of basic substances in both directions. As mentioned above, basic substances are equivalent to basic motions, and motions has positive and negative motions, so things also have positive and negative things. Everything in the whole universe is made up of a combination of basic motions in positive and negative directions or a combination of basic negative and positive substances.

The eight diagrams and 64 diagrams in ancient China have roughly described the basic law of the permutations of matter in the universe. The 64 diagrams can be decribed by six times of planar permutations of the basic negative and positive forces of -1 and +1, with a total number of 2^6=64. Humans have observed about a billion galaxies in the universe, which can be decribed by 30 times of three-dimensional permutations of the basic negative and positive forces of -1 and +1. The total number of galaxies is approximately 2^30=1073741824. These galaxies check and balance each other to form the zero-sum universe, which is the primary structure of the universe. The Milky Way contains more than 200 billion star systems like the solar system, which is the secondary structure of the universe. These star systems can be decribed by 38 times of three-dimensional permutations of the basic negative and positive forces of -1 and +1 and the total number of the star systems is approximately 2^38=274877906944.

A mole of substance contains 6.02*10^23 atoms or molecules. The 79 times of three-dimensional permutations of basic negative and positive microscopic forces of -1 and +1 have 2^79=6.04*10^23 possibilities. Some possibilities don't really take place so these possible permutations subtract 0.02*10^23 to get 6.02*10^23.

The five elements in ancient China are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Fire and water respectively represent the basic motion of basic substances in two opposite directions -1 and +1, and earth represents neutral substance 0. Gold and wood represent two combinations of a large number of basic substances, which have no definite value and can represent -100 and +100, -10000 and +10000, and so on. Gold and wood are the integral parts of the negative and positive substances, and fire and water are the differential parts of the negative and positive substances.

The above cosmology is based on the ancient Chinese theories of negative and positive, eight diagrams and Marx's dialectical materialism, which is widely accepted in China but rarely in the West. Moreover, westerners generally believe in illusory Christianity and Catholicism. The Big Bang hypothesis proposed by westerners and the hypothesis that electromagnetic waves can propagate in the empty vacuum are all fallacies with religious factors. Therefore, although westerners have made far more scientific achievements in the past than The Chinese, it is almost impossible for westerners to make major breakthroughs in science, and the future scientific peak is waiting for the Chinese to climb.

Culture originates from human cognition of oneself and environments. Different cultures are formed by the sum of cognition of different groups. With the continuous accumulation and expansion of human cognition, culture is also developing. If we compare culture to a pyramid, then the lowest layer of the pyramid is mathematics, the second is the language, and then is physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, geography, philosophy, psychology, literature, sociology, architecture, electric technology, computer technology and so on, and the top layer is the laws serving the state power. Therefore, mathematics is the root of culture.

13. Human natural attribute will remain unchanged while human social attribute will change dynamically.

The basic human motivation is to seek benefit and avoid harm, and the specific things that are good or bad for people are determined by each person's unique genes. What is good for a person is what makes his genes fully expressed, and what is bad for him is what suppresses his genes. So, the natural attribute of humans is gene expression. The natural attribute of animals is also gene expression. Human nature is not more advanced than animal nature, but human genes are far more complex than those of animals. The basic human motivation is to seek out resources to maximize gene expression. All human nature is exactly the same and immutable.

It is impossible for all genes to be fully expressed in everyone's life. Everyone has endless genes to be expressed, endless holes and endless desires. Unless there is a major obstacle or setback, everyone is greedy for new things. Therefore, no ruler in ancient times or in any country would voluntarily delegate power or abdicate without any pressure or frustration. Many people had revolted because of the rulers's endless quest for greater power. Alibaba founder Jack Ma used alibaba's monopoly to become China's richest man, but he greedily sought more wealth and power. Finally, after his presumptuous denigration of China's state-owned banking system, the Chinese government cracked down and curbed his wealth and power.

There are three basic states of humans: painful, balanced, and happy. Everyone's moods swing among painful, balanced and happy. The most important determinant of happiness is not whether a person now has a lot of wealth, power or intelligence, but whether his genes are well expressed. Gene expression makes people happy, gene suppression makes people miserable. Immature adolescents are on a fast track for gene expression, so they are generally happier than mature adults; similarly, people in fast-growing developing countries are generally happier than people in developed countries that are stagnating or regressing.

Humans are not always in balance when they sleep, and only for very short periods of time are they truly in balance. Much of sleep is spent in states of micro-pain and micro-pleasure, but humans can't feel these micro-pain and micro-pleasure just as humans can't feel electromagnetic waves beyond visible light.

On the planets that are in the process of evolution, such as the earth, the genes of most people can be fully expressed, human beings are in the process of evolution on the whole, the competitions between people are positive on the whole, and the total amount of happiness on the planets is generally greater than the total amount of pain. The ratio of total happiness to total pain could be 51:49 or 52:48 or 53:47. For most individuals on these planets, too, the total amount of happiness in their lifetime is greater than the total amount of pain. No matter how human beings evolve on the earth, no matter how advanced the technologies are, the total amount of happiness is only slightly more than the total amount of pain, so modern people are not happier than ancient people.

On degenerate planets, where gene expressions of most people are suppressed, competitions between people are generally negative and the total amount of happiness is slightly less than the total amount of pain. The positive and negative competitions in different star systems constitute the zero-sum competitions of the whole universe, and the ratio of the total amount of happiness to the total amount of pain in the universe is always 50:50.

In Chinese three-character sutra "human nature is originally good", the "human nature" here is the social attribute of human beings, which is good or neutral or evil in moral and legal aspects. Human social attribute not only differs from person to person, but also changes with the dynamic environment. Some are good, some are evil, some are neutral; the same person sometimes shows good, sometimes evil, and sometimes neutral to others.

The ancient Chinese belief that "human nature is inherently good" and the western belief that "everyone is born with original sin" are both absurd absurdities. Everyone was born with neutral social attribute, which has no good or evil, let alone any crime. As babies grow, their characters are shaped by different dynamic environments. Thus, human social attribute is like a PH paper that is constantly stained by society. The complex social environment is filled with various acidic, neutral and alkaline solutions, which repeatedly stain human social attribute in various colors. The person who first proposed the concept of original sin is the most evil sinner of all mankind, because he wronged all mankind and misled countless believers over the past thousands of years.

Everyone was originally innocent and guiltless. The root of all the competitions, conflicts and wars between people is not the so-called evil human heart or humanity, but the merciless cosmic forces. Cosmic forces divide all human beings into good and evil, happy and painful, lucky and unlucky, guilty and innocent, and so on. Everyone's life switches back and forth between good and bad, good and evil. In the evolutionary process of the earth, the ratio of good people to bad people is generally 51:49 or 52:48 or 53:47, they form the contradictory society of positive-sum on the earth. Therefore, no matter how human beings on the earth evolve, the social attribute of all human beings is overall a little bit good.

All of crimes are shaped by cosmic forces and social environments. Therefore, the abolition of the death penalty in most countries of the world today has a sound theoretical basis. However, in the aftermath of a murder, especially a major terrorist attack, the victim's family should receive reasonable compensation from the killer or the government. Otherwise, the death penalty is the right way to do the right thing. Instead of abolishing the death penalty, governments and societies should strive to create as fair and harmonious environment as possible in which all people voluntarily refrain from committing felony crimes.

14, Homosexuality, drugs and euthanasia will be legalized.

The difference of physiological organs determines the physical gender of a person and the difference of fighting will determines the social gender of a person. Before the industrial revolution, physical gender and social gender almost completely overlapped, and homosexuality was rare. Industrialization and informatization greatly weakened the physical superiority of males. Power and fighting will of females are stronger and stronger and there are more and more homosexuality phenomenons, which is an unstoppable trend. Therefore, legalizing homosexuality is also inevitable trend.

The universal law of bisection and unity of opposites divides all people into those who are happy and those who are painful. On the evolving earth, happy people tend to slightly outnumber miserable people by a ratio of 51:49 or 52:48 or 53:47. All people's lives go back and forth between pleasure and pain. No matter what social system is adopted, there are always close to 50% of people who are painful. These people need alcohol, tobacco, drugs and so on to reduce their pain and get some happiness, otherwise they might hurt others.

Similarly, the universal law of bisection and unity of opposites divides all people into confident people and self-abased people. Everyone's confidence comes from other people's trust, which means that confidence is not something you alone develop but something others give you. All of babies had no confidence when they were born. It is only after parents, teachers and friends repeatedly give children sufficient knowledge, skills and trusts that the children gradually get the confidence to face life's challenges. As children grow into adults, trusts from leaders, colleagues and partners are crucial to the confidence of the adults. Unfortunately, it is easy for the weak to trust the strong and difficult for the strong to trust the weak. There are roughly equal numbers of strong people and weak people, and about equal numbers of confident people and self-abased people. The self-abased people are generally painful people. They are often anxious and depressed. They are in desperate need of cigarettes, alcohol and even drugs.

All adults will be allowed to use all drugs. We know drugs are toxic so chronic drug use is a kind of chronic suicide, but the government should not deprive anyone of the right to chronic suicide. Parts of the social problems related to drugs are precisely because of the government's ban on drugs. If the ban is abolished and a zero tax is imposed on drug trading, the price of drugs will be greatly reduced, and the criminal acts of the drug users who cannot afford drugs will be greatly reduced.

Chronic drug use is a chronic act of suicide, while euthanasia is an acute act of suicide. Both of them will be legalized. Euthanasia will be an option for all adults, especially the elderly. In future, all but accidental deaths will be painless euthanasia. Painful deaths such as falling from buildings and slashing their wrists would disappear. Both chronic and acute suicide save resources and create harmony for the society by sacrificing oneself, and should be legalized.

The communist ideals of everyone doing their best and taking what they need, common prosperity and common happiness seriously violate the cosmic law of the balance between positive and negative so as to never be realized. The legalization of homosexuality, drugs and euthanasia is not a sign of social degradation but a reflection of human beings' adherence to the laws of the universe to promote social progress. Homosexuality embodies intelligence over physical strength. Both drugs and euthanasia in essence eliminate the weak in a gentle way so as to greatly improve the overall security and comprehensive efficiency of the society.

15, Whole world will give up all kinds of religions.

Any religion is a comprehensive philosophy system of world view, society view and life view, and is the product of a specific level of productivity, science, technology and social development. Therefore, as human society develops, so does religion. From the nationalist, elitist Judaism to the universal, equal Christianity, from the totalitarian Catholicism ruled by the Pope to the non-idolatry and power-flat Protestantism. In the future, all of religions will be wiped out by a mixture of western and eastern philosophy and science.

From world view, all substances are interconnected and the butterfly effect applies to the whole universe, so everyone's fate is jointly determined by all substances of the whole universe. The universe is too big and complex for today's science to explain much of it, which gave religions opportunities to convince believers that gods control the vagaries of the universe. However, the continuous progress of science has led to a continuous decline in the degree of religious piety of mankind, so the level of science of mankind is inversely proportional to the degree of religious superstition of mankind. The science in the future, which can explain all the laws of the universe, will replace the world view of all religions.

From society view, I have already mentioned that the universal law of bisection and unity of opposites forces all people into those who are miserable and those who are happy. It is impossible for all people to live a happy life in any social system and there are vulnerable people in any society, which gives religions opportunities to narcotize their believers. The meaning of religion for adults is like the meaning of fairy tales for children. Adults make a lot of fantasy fairy tales and cartoons to soothe children's fragile minds. However, as children grow older, they will gradually doubt and give up fairy tales and cartoons. In the same way, adults can't be paralyzed by religion forever. The future society that combines liberalism, democracy, socialism and collectivism will be more harmonious than today's society. Drugs will be legally prescribed to comfort the vulnerable. Marriage and family would disappear and mankind would be spared much of the suffering of false affection. The state and society in the future will give tangible comfort to the vulnerable and help them escape the anesthetization of religions.

From life view, everyone's life is in the dynamic balance of contradictions such as pain and happiness, self-confidence and inferiority, success and failure, good and evil, advance and retreat, growth and decline and so on. No one can have eternal happiness. In the future, both the government and the public can fully recognize and actively respond to the dynamic balance of life, which will help believers of religions to get rid of the anesthetization of religions.

In 2001 and 2003, the United States, whose people universally believe in Christianity, invaded the Islamic countries of Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretext of anti-terrorism. The US failed in its attempt to conquer Afghanistan and Iraq and then Iran to capture their oil and stop the rise of China. One of the important reasons for this failure is that no one false religion can completely conquer another false religion. Christianity and Islam are six of one and half a dozen of the other. The only difference between religions is the degree of falsehood. Protestantism, for example, is less falsehood than Catholicism.

The religious idea that everyone is equal before God greatly restrains the power of the ruling class of the countries and becomes a powerful thrust of freedom and democracy of western countries. Yet religion is now a powerful obstacle to the west's progress. Any religion is only a narrow regional culture, no religion can conquer another religion. The deep-rooted religious culture hinders the upgrading of western culture from regional culture to global universal culture and the further breakthrough of western science. Only China, which insists on atheism and does not worship any religion, can foster a universal culture that is accepted by the majority of the world.

16, The Gregorian calendar will be greatly simplified.

The Gregorian calendar of the western countries is nearly fixed, while the lunar calendar of China is not fixed at all. The Gregorian calendar has 365 or 366 days in a year, while the lunar calendar has 354 to 384 days. There is no doubt that the Western Gregorian calendar is more advanced and accurate than the Chinese lunar calendar, and even if China becomes a world leader in the future, the Chinese lunar calendar is unlikely to replace the Gregorian calendar.

But is the Western calendar flawless? Should the world always adopt the Gregorian calendar as it is? More than two thousand years ago, Julius Caesar of ancient Rome stipulate the singular month for the long month, even months for the short month. And in the ordinary year, the February when the Ancient Roman government executed the death penalty were subtracted one day. His successor, Octavian, privately changed the August of his birth into a long month and messed up the size of the month after August. These are pedantic and unreasonable designs. In the future, after China leads the world, the religious traces of the existing Gregorian calendar will be completely erased by China, and the complicated and inefficient Gregorian calendar will be greatly improved by China.

Here I offer a very simple calendar that fits contemporary people's working and living habits: (in common year) 365 days = ( 7 days * 4 weeks+1 day+1 day ) * 11months+( 7 days * 4 weeks+7 days ), and (in leap year) 366 days = ( 7 days * 4 weeks+1 day+1 day )*12 months+ ( 7 days * 4 weeks+8 days ). In other words, there are 30 days in every month from January to November, and 35 or 36 days in December. "1 day+1 day" therein will be the 29th day and the 30th day of every month. The 29th day will become the fixed holiday to replace all of statutory holidays except Christmas, such as Labor Day and National Day. The 30th day of every month will be a special working day or activity day for holding meetings that summarize work of this month and plan work of the next month or holding other special activities of companies. The last 7 days or 8 days therein will be used for Christmas.

These new rules will closely link working days with holidays. In addition, the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of every month will be fixed to Week1 (i.e. Monday), and the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of every month will be fixed to Week7 (i.e. Sunday). The 29th and 30th of every month will be fixed to Week8 and Week9. Every month has only one Week8 and one Week9 except that December of the leap year has two Week8. Many of our brain cells will be freed from the clutter of the calendar as the low and complex world puzzles of "what day is it today? How many days do this month have?" will be simplified.

Some people may think that serious festivals such as the National Day should not be modified, but why should we contemporary people be bound by the past history? We should boldly pursue simplicity and efficiency.

After China reforms and simplifies the Western Gregorian calendar, all of other calendars including the Chinese lunar calendar will be gradually given up. For the first time, global holidays will be unified, which is very important for the process of global integration.

In addition, the start time of the morning will be delayed by six hours. The average sunrise around the world is around 6 o 'clock and the average sunset around 18 o 'clock. What we now call "tonight" actually includes 18:00-24:00 today and 00:00-6:00 tomorrow. If we wake up at 6am, we have just woken up and done nothing, and six hours of the day has already passed. Therefore, the current hour order is very unreasonable, the present 6 o 'clock will be changed to 0 o 'clock, that is, the present 6:00 ~ 7:00 will become the first hour of every day.

17. Summer and winter vacations for students and teachers will be abolished.

In the past, before the era of high-speed Internet, students needed long-time summer and winter vacations to travel, visit friends and relatives, and learn extra-curricular knowledge. But now is the era of high-speed Internet, the Internet has become the world's largest knowledge base and social network. As long as students have mobile phones, they can learn a lot of extra-curricular knowledge, participate in many social practices and join many social networks through the Internet anytime and anywhere. The opportunities for students to access the extra-curricular world through the Internet are far more than the opportunities provided by winter and summer vacations without the Internet in the past, so the three-month long summer and winter vacations have become an unnecessary luxury in today's Internet era. Many students are in a lazy state enjoying three months of summer and winter vacation but their parents are busy with work at the same time.

What's more, winter and summer vacations seriously wasted teacher resources. Teacher, enjoying summer and winter vacations, is the most relaxing and comfortable occupations in the world, attracting a large number of idle mediocrities. Teachers are almost independent from the cruel world of fierce competition and almost live in a world of paradise. Therefore, many teachers' teaching methods are often divorced from reality.

Weekend holidays, legal holidays, summer vacation and winter vacation are combined for about half a year, which is too long and a huge waste of time. No wonder many parents in China send their children to various weekend training classes, and no wonder many schools in China offer extra summer and winter teachings. Even in China, which has fewer holidays than Western countries, there are 115 or 116 days of weekend holidays and legal holidays in a year, which is enough time for students to carry out rich extra-curricular activities in the efficient Internet era. Therefore, winter and summer vacations for all students and teachers will be abolished and their leave will be in line with that of civil servants. This will speed up the pace of learning for students and reduce the cost of education for society.

With the abolition of the three-month summer and winter vacations, the 12 years of study before college will be reduced to 9 years study. The study time of the students will be 12 months *9 years instead of 9 months *12 years. The study time of undergraduates will be 12 months *3 years instead of 9 months *4 years. High school students will graduate earlier than in the past three years. The legal age of the starting point for becoming adults will be reduced to the age of 15 or 16 from 18 because the enormous information spread by high-speed Internet let the psychological maturity of minors increase greatly.

In addition, except for national holidays, teachers and students should work and study according to the five-day and eight-hour working system of ordinary workers. Although the shepherding style of education in European and American countries has been successful in the past, it is out of place in today's Internet era.

In order to avoid weariness due to increased learning time, all textbooks in primary and secondary schools should be made accessible, vivid and interesting. The textbooks of language should try to select practical articles from real stories, such as real documentaries and popular articles on the Internet. Every equation and every formula in mathematics textbooks should have practical examples in our lives. Every law of physics and chemistry should be combined with actual physical and chemical phenomenons. All of impractical knowledge, exercises and examination questions should not be instilled into students. History teachers should think from the perspective of contemporary people when telling every major historical event. Every foreign language teaching article should come from real dialogues or dialogues in movies and TV plays.

When the working hours and workload of teachers are greatly increased, the salary of teachers will also be greatly increased. This ways will attract more excellent people to choose the teaching profession, and improve the quality of teachers and teachings. Teaching will no longer be the first choice of mediocre and lazy people. In addition, the phenomenons of empty and wasted teacher resources during summer and winter vacations will be completely ended. Thus, abolishing summer and winter vacations will greatly reduce social costs while greatly improving the quality of teachings.

18, English will be greatly simplified and become the universal language of the world.

Although the USA is the most powerful country and English is the most popular language of the world, no country has volunteered giving up its own language and completely accepting English. Thus English is not enough simple and most of English learners are attracted not by English itself but power of the USA. With China's national power fast runs after that of the USA, more and more foreigners will learn Chinese.

However, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and other alphabetic languages are spoken by far more people than Chinese. As a result, China must adapt to the alphabetic language when it leads the world, just as the Manchus adapted to the Hans when they ruled the Hans during the Qing Dynasty of China. English is the model of alphabetic languages and China will make English its official language.

There are two key reasons why Chinese cannot overtake English depending on China's national strength: 1, Chinese pronunciation, font and meaning are almost completely independent of each other, while English pronunciation and font have a strong unified relationship. English pronunciation and font are simpler than Chinese ones. And English can be further simplified, because English pronunciation and font can be completely unified. 2, the tone of each Chinese character has been restricted to one of the four tones, so it is difficult for everyone to change the original tone of the Chinese character according to different contexts. English words have no definite tone, and everyone can change the tone according to the context. Therefore, English is easier than Chinese for people to express themselves freely and show their individuality.

Since it is impossible for Chinese to catch up with English, Chinese people will continue learning and absorbing English and then improve and simplify English. English is the most popular language today, but it is not a purely native language of UK. In the long history of the English language, Phoenician alphabet, Greek alphabet, Latin alphabet, Nordic languages, French have all played important roles. Later, The United States improved English slightly. In the future, after China surpasses the United States on national power, English will be improved and simplified by China and then become the universal language of the whole world.

Japanese studied and simplified Chinese characters in Chinese Tang Dynasty so many of Japanese characters are simplified Chinese characters. China should learn from the history of Japanese and make simplified English its own language. Only the new English that combines the advantages of English and Chinese can become the universal language of the whole world.

A language is like a truck carrying information. If the same information is accurately transmitted, the lighter the truck, the more efficient it is. China has valuable experience in simplifying inefficient traditional characters into efficient simplified characters. China will use some of the advantages of Chinese to improve and simplify English so as to integrate English and Chinese. I think English will be improved and simplified in the following ways:

(1) Unify all of letters and all of phonetic symbols of English, and simplify the forms and pronunciations of all words as follows:

Merge all of similar phonetic symbols. Merge [a:] and [∧] into [a], i.e. [a:]=[∧]→[a] for short, the same below: [i:]=[ ɪ ]→[ i ], [ɔː]=[ɒ]→[o], [u:]=[ ʊ ]→[ u ], [ɜː]=[ə]→[ə], [ l ]=[ ð ]→[ l ], [ʒ]=[dʒ]→[ʒ], [n]=[ŋ]→[n], [ s ]=[θ]→[ s ].

The letters "c, q, x, y" will be abolished because there are not the phonetic symbols "[c], [q], [x], [y]". And "ə, ∫, ʒ" will be not only phonetic symbols but also letters. Then there will be respectively 6 vowel letters and 6 single vowels, 19 consonant letters and 19 single consonants. The 25 basic phonetic symbols will just match the 25 letters one on one in any word. For example, [ a ], [ ə ], [ e ], [ i ], [ o ], [ u ] will be respectively the pronunciations of the letters "a, ə, e, i, o, u" in any word. There will be not any silent letter in any word. Twenty-five new letters will be:

a , e , ə , i , o , u

b , d , f , g , h , j , k , l , m , n , p , r , s , t , v , w , ∫ , ʒ , z

Moreover, [bl]=[bəu] [dl]=[dəu] [gl]=[gəu] [kl]=[kəu] [nl]=[nəl]=[nəu] [pl]=[pəu] [sl]=[səu] [tl]=[təu].

(2) Different languages reflect the personalities of different ethnic groups. Chinese language embodies the collectivism character of Chinese people, while English embodies the individualism character of British and American people. The end of the pronunciation of Chinese word is vowel except for n, so the pronunciation of most Chinese characters does not need obvious pause in the whole sentence, and there is no obvious difference between different words, so the pronunciation of Chinese sentences is relatively flat. However, English has a large number of words ending in consonants, which basically require obvious pauses without swallowing. These words stand out from the crowd and make English sentences sound more melodic.

The fact that the Chinese people are too formal and lack individuality has a lot to do with the Chinese language, which contains too many rules and too little flexibility. The lack of vitality of Chinese traditional culture and social system has a lot to do with the lack of flexibility of Chinese.

Chinese over-represses Chinese individuality, while English over-inspires European and American individuality. Too many English words end in consonants, and there is a lot of swallowing to avoid too many pauses. We should do away with some superfluous consonants instead of swallowing them. For disyllabic and polysyllabic words, you can change the final consonant m to n, and eliminate all final consonants except n, because these final consonants are not only useless but also hinder the speed of speaking English.

Many words will deform according to above rules. For example, English will be replaced by Inli, i.e. (English, Inli). The following are some simple words: (I, Ai) (you, ju) (he, hi) (she, ∫i) (we, wi) (they, lei) (my, mai) (your, jo) (her, hə) (our, auə) (their, leə) (do, du) (what, wot) (who, hu) (why, wai) (where, weə) (when, wen) (which, wit∫) (America, əmerikə) (Europe, Juərə) (China,T∫ainə) (Russia, Ra∫ə) (Canada, Kænədə) (country, kantri) (oxygen, osiʒən) (sure, ∫uə) (president, prezidən) (finish, fini) (calculate, kækjulei) (Christmas, krimə) (exhibition, esibi∫ən) (physics, fizi) (philosophy, filosəfi) (economy, ikonəmi) (phone, fəun) (often, ofən) (anything, enisin) (everything, erisin) (nothing, nasin) (receive, risi) (accept, əse) (cable, keibəu) (one, wan) (two, tu) (too, tju) (tool, tuə) (three, sri) (four, fo) (for, foə) (five, faiv) (six, siks) (seven, sevən) (eight, eit) (nine, nain) (hundred, handrə) (thousand, sauzən) (million, miljən) (billion, biljən) (war, wo) (wall, woə), (see, si) (sea, siə) (tell, teə) (contact, kəntæ) (baby, beibi) (knife, naif) (night, nait).

(3) Most of verb deformations will be abolished.

As mentioned above, a lot of words ending in consonants have too much personality. Moreover, English verbs also have too much personality. Most of verb deformations in English tenses are redundant and will be abolished. The verbs in Chinese are simpler than those in English, and the western mindset on verbs needs to be broken with the advantages of Chinese.

Merge "am, is, are" into "bi", merge "was, were" into "woz". Let "biin do sth" replace "am(is, are) doing sth"; let "wozin do sth" replace "was(were) doing sth"; let "di do sth" replace "do-ed sth"; let "hævən do sth" replace "have(has) done sth"; let "hædən do sth" replace "had done sth"; let "hævən biin do sth" replace "have(has) been doing sth", let "hædən biin do sth" replace "had been doing sth", let "will biin do sth" replace "will be doing sth", let "will hævən do sth" replace "will have done sth", let "will hævən biin do sth" replace "will have been doing sth", let "would biin do sth" replace "would be doing sth", let "would hævən do sth" replace "would have done sth", let "would hævən biin do sth" replace "would have been doing sth". Moreover, singular form in third personal of verbs will be abolished. Thus, all of verbs will never transform in any tense. The new words -- biin, wozin, di, hævən, hædən are all auxiliaries similar to will and would. These auxiliaries can make all of verbs not need to transform any longer in any of the sixteen tenses.

(4) The past participle forms of the verbs remain in the passive voice. And some of past participles will continue as adjectives. The gerund "do-ing" will be replaced by "do-in".

(5) Let "mo adj" replace "adj-er or more adj" to express the comparative adjectives of all adjectives. And let "məu adj" replace "adj-est or most adj" to express the superlative adjectives of all adjectives. "mo" and "məu" respectively are simplified words from more and most. All adverbs obey the same rules. Thus all of adjectives and all of adverbs will not transform any longer.

(6) Month1, Month2, Month3......Month12 will respectively replace January, February, March......December. Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, Week5, Week6 and Week7 will respectively replace Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The simplification of English needs the wisdom of many people in the world, especially the Chinese people, so the simplification ways above are definitely not mature and perfect.

19, China will unite the world into the United States of the World.

(1) Why will the world be certainly united?
Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Mongolia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States have successively become the most influential power in the world. Will the most influential power continue transferring as the past? That's impossible! The world has never repeated its histories in a boring way and each successive world power was closer to having the ability to unite the world than the preceding one. China will be the first and only world power that truly has the ability to unite the whole world. The Chinese will achieve something great that no one has done before or since: unite the world. China will unite the world into the United States of the World.

Moreover, integration is universal laws of the star system which is evolving and the sun integrated about 99 percent of the mass of the solar system during its formation, thus becoming the physical center of the entire solar system. There will be one country on the earth that integrates almost all of the cultures and the resources of the world to become the chemical center of the solar system. This country will be the future United States of the World formed by China.

Uniting the world is not only in the interest of the Chinese but also in the interest of the majority of the world. With the development of global aviation network and Internet, more and more people's horizons and activities expand from some regions to the whole world. More and more people yearn for free travel and trade without borders, as well as universal languages, cultures, social systems, laws, currencies, traffic rules, telecommunications networks and so on.

Moreover, the political union of the world is conducive to the optimal allocation and integration of global space resources. The impact of the space environment on humans will be felt by us more and more clearly, so humans must become the rulers of the entire solar system and not just the earth. Mankind will send numerous probes to the sun, the moon and all the planets in the solar system beyond the earth; humans will land on Mars, Venus and Mercury and establish numerous exploration bases; Humans will launch high-powered weapons to stop any meteorites that might hit the earth. It is unlikely that any one nation has the power to do all of the things. Exploring and conquering the entire solar system requires a united world.

(2) Why will China be able to unite the world?
In the past, due to inconvenient transportation and the lack of global Internet, people in different regions of the earth rarely communicated with each other, and almost everyone's vision was limited to a part of the world. However, such a regional vision can only create regional culture, so there are great differences between various regional cultures, and various cultures are mutually exclusive. The culture of the British Empire and the Current Culture of the United States are both regional cultures, and the culture of China is also regional culture. So far there is no universal culture in the world. Human society has yet to develop a universal culture, because the earth does not yet have convenient transportation networks and high-speed communication networks that cover most of people in the world.

China is located in the world's largest and best land-- the Eurasian, China has vast land and the largest population, China has the world's best infrastructures and the most powerful ability to build infrastructures, and China has a profound cultural background, so only the Chinese cultures have the potential to become the global universal cultures and only China has the potential to unite the world.

The comprehensive efficiency of a country reflects the quality of its culture, and the comprehensive efficiency of a country = (positive energy of a country - negative energy of a country)/the total number of people. Liberalism and democracy mainly help to increase the positive energy of a country, while collectivism and socialism mainly help to reduce the negative energy of a country. Collectivism and socialism are the main social systems of Chinese mainland. Liberalism and democracy are the main social systems of the west countries and China Taiwan. After the unification of Chinese mainland and Taiwan, China will integrate liberalism, democracy, collectivism and socialism.

China is the only country in the world that can thoroughly integrate liberalism, democracy, collectivism and socialism. And the overall efficiency of Chinese society will surpass that of any other great power in history. Only China can simplify and upgrade English into the global universal language. Only Chinese cultures have potential to become the global universal cultures combining Chinese traditional cultures and Western cultures.

The integration of Chinese and English, the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, the integration of Chinese foods and western foods and so on will be popular in the world. China will become the economic center, scientific and technological center, cultural center and political center of the world.

(3) The ways to unite the world:
China will not unite the world by the same way of the European Union, which cannot unite even the most basic language and is bound to break apart. The United Nations is also a loose international organization, and its model is not suitable for global unity. Only the model of the United States of America applies to the unity of the whole world. China will gradually unite the world into the United States of the World by the soft power of global universal cultures and the hard power of economy and military.

China's current 34 provincial-level administrative regions are similar to the 13 states that the United States had in its early years. In the future, many of other countries will voluntarily become China's 35th, 36th, 37th province... . The existing American model of democracy will apply to the future China, and the combination of the Senate and the House of Representatives will be very good for the unity of the vast China. China's process of uniting the whole world will be a peaceful process based on global universal cultures rather than a process of aggression based on force like the Macedonian empire, the Qin Empire, the Ancient Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, the British Empire and Nazi Germany.

With the expansion of China's territory, Xinjiang province, the closest province to Europe, will become one of the transportation and economic centers of the Eurasian continent. Xinjiang's population will greatly increase, and its role will surpass Taiwan's by 100 times.

(4) The steps for China to unite the world:
The strategy to be self-effacing has long influenced China's state policy. It was the expedient measure for China to seek developments in the world dominated by European and American countries. In the coming decades, China, which has been self-effacing, will gradually become a China that dares to think and act, acts vigorously and leads the world. And the world rules established by western countries will be substantially changed by China.

Deng Xiaoping, who advocated being self-effacing, once proposed a three-step strategy for China. The first two steps were achieved, but the third was too timid. China can pursue a four-step strategy in the future:

1, lead the fourth technological revolution.
2, achieve national unity.
3, transform Chinese cultures into the global universal cultures combining Chinese traditional cultures and Western cultures.
4, unite the world based on culture, economy and army.

(5) How will the United States of the World run?
The United States of the World will be a world federation based on socialism, collectivism, liberalism and democracy. After the full integration of people of different nationalities and cultures around the world under the leadership of China, the people of the world will form a world federation of great unity and great democracy based on the principles of socialism, collectivism, liberalism and democracy. All national borders, passports and visas would be abolished, and for the first time the world would become borderless, allowing free movement and free trade. The peoples of all regions of the world will establish and abide by a common universal federal constitution. The whole world will become a democratic world, and any person from any place will be eligible to become the president of the world federation, and the competition between people will completely break down the existing boundaries of nations and peoples. The world federal parliament, whose members will be fairly elected by voters around the world, is the key of global democracy.

The United States of America has long touted its democratic system, but the democracy in the United States of America is just a narrow small democracy. The hegemony of the United States of America is equivalent to undemocratic autocracy and totalitarianism for other countries. Only China can promote the universal great democracy all over the world.

People of different countries and nationalities have the same human nature and different living habits, so the world federation will make the same world constitution, while different member states will make different local laws, just like the current United States Federation. The world will share the same language, constitution, currency, traffic rules, telecommunication networks and so on. The efficiency of allocating resources and social productivity will be greatly improved.

Central banks around the world, especially the Federal Reserve, are unfairly cheating by increasing the money supply at will and diluting the wealth of many hardworking people. On the other hand, bitcoin and other virtual currencies absurdly allow any person to spend time and resources mining and issuing more and more money. It is not desirable for virtual currencies to confuse people, waste money and gild the lily. The Chinese government has wisely declared all virtual currencies illegal, and other governments should follow China.

The central bank of world federation should issue quantitative amounts of money once and then stop issuing any for good to stamp out cheating. With the change of population and the progress of technology, the central government should adopt fair and reasonable fiscal and tax policies to regulate the macro economy, but the total amount of money circulating in the market will never change.

After a few hundred years, the influence of human beings on the outer planets will become weaker and weaker, and human beings will gradually degenerate. The world federation will help humans reach the apex of evolution and will continue existing during the initial stages of human degradation, before disintegrating and re-entering into a state of separation as present and past.

20, Molecular foods will become staple foods of mankind.
After the populations greatly reduce and human bodies become shorter and thinner, humans will be able to gradually popularize high quality and high price of molecular foods. Long ago, animals and primitive people ate uncooked foods and drank unboiled water. Then humans ate cooked foods and drank boiled water, which was an important milestone of human evolution. However, the current staple foods are not fundamentally different from the staple food of more than 2,000 years ago.

It is time for human beings to prepare for the revolution about staple foods. It will be the next milestone of human evolution that accurate molecular foods become staple foods. In the future, most of foods that we eat will be purer and purer. Most of grains, vegetables and meats will be sent into foods factories then we will industrially extract what our bodies really need: carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and mineral substances. The difference between now rough foods and future molecular foods is like the difference between ordinary bombs and precision-guided bombs. Various delicate nutrients, such as vitamins, lutein and Omega-3, extracted from animals and plants by some companies are some kinds of molecular foods and will become more and more popular.

What's more, every country and even every province has its own unique foods and the people of one place can hardly adapt to the foods of other places. There are countless kinds of foods in the whole world and the big differences among foods of different countries are not conducive to the development of globalization. However, all foods throughout the earth have several common factors in common: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. These chemical factors are common to all mankind. Molecular foods based on these common factors will be more universal.

High-tech medical equipments in the future will help us know which and how many of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and mineral substances and then we can choose different kinds of molecular foods. Large molecular food factories will bring together many of top talents so the average income of biological talents will catch up with or surpass that of IT talents, and the biological age will indeed come. The number of chefs will reduce greatly and the few remaining chefs will be proficient in biochemistry.

All of people except the poor will choose different kinds of molecular foods as their staple foods and choose some of rough foods as auxiliary foods so that we can greatly reduce germs and viruses entering our bodies with foods. In addition, extracting and processing rough foods by high-tech food factories will replace some work of the digestive organs such as teeth, throat, stomach, intestines and liver, so the burden and volume of the digestive organs such as stomach, intestine and liver will greatly reduce. As a result, human belly will become smaller and human stature will become lower.

In the future, extraction and processing of coarse foods in high-tech food factories will replace part of work originally belonging to the digestive organs such as teeth, throat, stomach, intestines and liver. The elaborate molecular foods will make the burden and the volume of human stomach, intestines and liver greatly reduce so that human bodily form will be shorter and smaller.

Molecular foods and medical technologies, as well as the protective equipments in the part 8, are closely related to safety and health of human bodies, and will together make the fifth technological revolution in future.

You are blessing but not for all maybe. I didn't read the part where we make something and the punch line is that it is made from human soles.

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