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Rick Steves - Left Wing Travel Guide on PBS


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Feb 5, 2019
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You can't listen to a program on PBS without being inculcated with the Leftist narrative.
Take Rick Steves Europe, please.

Rick Steves, Extreme Leftist

"Ancient Rome's taste for gore exceeded even Americans." - Rick Steves at the Colosseum of Rome

Really? Americans are that gory, that evil?

Is it Americans who throw acid into the faces of women? Or is that Pakistanis? Just asking.

Is it Americans who genitally mutilate little girls? Or is that done in primitive African countries?

Is it Americans who cut off the hands of thieves? Who behead "infidels"? Who marry off 9 and 10 year-old little girls to old men, to be raped and treated like cattle?

Did Americans hack to death 700,000 Tutsis or was that Rwandan Hutus?

How many Christian Americans wear explosive vests, and detonate them just after hollering out in a crowded station or restaurant, "God Bless America"? Roughly zero?


"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." - Rick Steves in Jerusalem

Muslim terrorists are fighting for "freedom," Rick?
Beheading infidels and hated enemies for "freedom"?
Blowing up buses and restaurants for "freedom"?
For 1300 years?
Here is a very long list of their battles and wars, as you say, for "freedom":
List of Wars in Pax Islamic History (c. 624—c. 1999) - Materia Islamica


"The right wing fascists...." - Rick Steves in Berlin, and the Valley of the Fallen in Spain
"One million died in the Spanish Civil War. The right wing fascists won."

Sorry, Rick, but fascism is left-wing extremism. Complete control by the government is communism, at the far left. Anarchy is at the far right, a complete absence of government. America's Founding Fathers were libertarians, in between independent and anarchy, but staunchly favoring small government and individual liberty, not big goverment as we now have.

"The communists built this enormous building to make the common man look small in comparison." - Rick Steves in East Berlin

Really? Did the communists also build the huge Chateau Versailles? How about the Louvre? The Vatican?
"To make the common man look small..."

"Dresden's apartments goosestep up the boulevard..." - Rick Steves in Dresden

Do the enormous buildings everywhere else around the world "goosestep" as well? How DOES a building "goosestep" anyway? Smiling Rick never explained that.

Thousands of Germans "disappeared up into the fiery vortex" of the Hamburg firestorm set by 700 allied bombers in World War II. - Rick in Hamburg
[Sorry, Rick but there you go again with your Left Wing rhetoric. Humans don't get sucked into the sky by fires. It doesn't do your show any good to try to paint the allies as bad guys in World War II.

The Elbe River in Hamburg has 13 foot tides, Rick stated in that same show. What with all the horrible *climate change* raising the sea level, what will the Hamburgers do when the tide hits 13 feet 1 inch!]


"If you played by the rules (in East Germany), life was not so miserable." - Rick Steves in East Berlin

Really? Is that why thousands of East Germans risked their lives to escape, because "life was not so miserable"? Communism isn't so bad, but America, what a gory, horrible country THAT is, right smilin' Rick?

"... other truths are self-evident and God-given." - Rick at Epidavros, Greece, speaking to the tourists seated at the amphitheater


"Signs on the wall between Ramallah and Jerusalem point out the occupation of a people desiring to be free." - Rick at Ramallah, "looking for a peaceful and prosperous Palestine"

Is that why they teach young children to kill Jews, this desire for "peace"? Why can't these Muslims be "free" in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Iraq, or Syria, or Yemen, or Sudan, or Somalia, or Pakistan?


"Until next time, keep on traveling!" - Rick Steves, every single show

It is one thing to promote travel and burning tens of millions of gallons of fossil fuel by commercial jets, and tour buses, and rental cars, but it is quite another to encourage this *pollution* while relentlessly preaching the evils of *climate change*, which Rick Steves does. But then again, so do National Geographic magazine, and Smithsonian magazine, and Sierra Club magazine, and countless other magazines and newspapers.

You may be encouraged to hear Secretary of State, John Kerry, claim that nothing Americans do will make a bit of difference in *climate change*.
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