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  • it aint about being funny! Lol
    The "narrative" change you said yesterday. It was worded perfect.
    i am totally lost socks not show up on alerts...cause i have noticed my alerts dont show a lot of posters now
    i wondered why suddenly you thought every post was so great....stop that....i do appreciate the thought and the effort ...i never paid attention to rep i loved lol
    Wishing you and your family a great holiday today and a wonderful prosperous 2016 with lts of expensive scotch :)
    also I am not the only one who has an obsession over it,thousands of other LA RAM fans at this LOS ANGLES message board i post at have the same obsession over it that i they jsut dont post here so you dont know about them so you might tell them that as
    I'll see a psychiatrist about this when you see one to tell them the truth scares you that 9/11 was an inside job and are afraid to look at the facts on
    Oh and I do admit that I have an obsession over this no doubt,thats obvious,however MY obsession over it is a healthy one because i have a passion for it.
    I see you do the same thing in your debates no matter what the topic is, wheter its about 9/11 or other government corruption or the Rams.anytime i prove you wrong,your too arrogant to admit you have been proven wrong. I go and take you to school that nobody in LA as well as around the country cares about the Raiders going back to LA,that they all want the Rams and same as with 9/11,you cant admit defeat.pathetic.
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