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  • You may not be lying but you are clearly in denial mode that the only thing they are great at doing is cheating and are not legitimate champions,only an idiot would deny that.till the rams moved back to LA recently,I was always a chargers fan since I hated the rams for leaving la.
    I bring that up cause since I was a chargers fan the past 20 years or so I was always an AFC guy growing up my whole life therefore I rooted FOR the patriots in most their superbowls,that WAS until the facts emerged what cheaters they are who have disgraced a Great sport with the help of the refs and ruined the NFL.:uhoh3: Like any REAL patriotic American WOULD,I have boycotted the corrupt NFL Cartel since :uhoh3:
    Oh and lastly,I hate the Yankees with an extreme hatred cause they represent everything that is wrong with baseball always buying the best talent BUT I at least respect THEM and THEIR greatness in winning 4 World Series titles in a row in the 90,s cause they at least did NOT cheat to be great is the difference :uhoh3: Belicheat and Brady are the most overrated QB and coach ever in the game
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