1. P@triot

    This really illustrates the extremism of the left

    What a sad indictment on the left and what they have become, that Republicans actually have to introduce legislation to “define” what constitutes a woman. And it’s more evidence that the left continues to regress - setting society back hundreds of years. Even in the 1200’s - where they believed...
  2. ChemEngineer

    Rick Steves - Left Wing Travel Guide on PBS

    You can't listen to a program on PBS without being inculcated with the Leftist narrative. Take Rick Steves Europe, please. Rick Steves, Extreme Leftist "Ancient Rome's taste for gore exceeded even Americans." - Rick Steves at the Colosseum of Rome Really? Americans are that gory, that evil...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Interesting: Macolm X talking strange "extremism" and Islam smh

    Malcolm X has recently been someone that I have thought highly of...after watching some videos of him like this I go on record saying that I have nothing to do with the dude. Mr. X, circa Dec. 1964 -

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