Reykjavik: A Team of Dynasty


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Sep 22, 2013
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Since I had such a fun time with these heist-vignettes in these otherwise capitalism-complex times (e.g., TrumpUSA), I wanted to place a fable in the idyllic and under-appreciated nation of Iceland, and this last one was inspired by Point Break!


Welcome to Iceland, the fabled nation from which hails the great electronica musician Bjork and the legendary Norse explorer Leif Erikson, the first European to set foot on North America, according to legend. Iceland has seen challenging times financially in the new millennium and is the site of our modern-day bank robbery folk-tale, a story that would make Leif himself rather intrigued perhaps!


Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland the location of the Central Bank of Iceland and therefore the setting of our modern day bank robbery folk-tale about a team of expert young thieves wearing masks of former US Presidents and calling themselves colorfully the Ex-Presidents. The Ex-Presidents seek to rock the waves of Reykjavik and hopefully inject the Iceland economy with some much needed capital fireworks so investors know this is a Euro-city of great adventure...and dangers.


The Central Bank of Iceland is an excellent institution. It boasts incredible laser-security systems for its vault room which holds millions of dollars in diamonds from Antwerp and bearer-bonds from London and Iceland. To break into such a place, you'd need thieves with a sense of daring and a sense of grid-telekinesis, which is just what the Ex-Presidents boast. The Ex-Presidents hope to turn this Central Bank of Iceland into a playground for 21st Century capitalism dance.


REYKJAVIK ECONOMIST: We're proud of the fact that turbulent waves of inflation investments have drawn interest from modifiers.


Inside the Central Bank of Iceland building complex, you'll find a very well-maintained and lavishly constructed atrium and walkway and some shopping resources for travelers who seek to find comforts and amenities while banking in Iceland. The Ex-Presidents arrive at this incredible building on motorcycles and in masks and run across the atrium holding synthetically enhanced toy rifles which shoot blanks but sound real and very scary!


The pirate-capitalist baron and financier of this bank robbery operation is none other than Duke Phelps, a master of finance piracy and hijacking the wealth investments of corrupt Saudi profiteers seeking to exploit financially fertile areas in Europe in this time of great commercial vanities and complexities. Duke wants the Ex-Presidents to create a special message with this Central Bank heist of million-dollar bearer-bonds to drive away Saudi exploitation. The Ex-Presidents consider this brainiac a real modern wizard.


Meet Donna. She's an Icelandic beauty and part of the Olympic swimming team and currently a celebrity employee at the Central Bank of Iceland, serving to create some awesome press for the financial institution hoping to drive away exploiting wealthy pirates from around the world and hopefully gain some media lights for new age commercial vanities!


The Ex-Presidents are comprised of Isaac, a former member of the P-IRA (Provos Irish Republican Army), Emile (an Algerian-American), Rogers (a helicopter pilot), and Andre (a safe-cracker). The Ex-Presidents are advised by Duke to explore and understand the labyrinth of Reykjavik before deciding to perform this highly-dangerous and media-symbolic bank robbery of bearer-bonds intended to drive away unscrupulous sharks from this idyllic city and country...of ice.


ISAAC: I'm leaving at the site of this robbery two little stick-figure comic book doodles, to tell police that bonds are for natives.


DUKE: I believe in the Ex-Presidents, because they remind me of the glory days of the Newton Boys in old America.


The Ex-Presidents charge into the Central Bank on a Friday afternoon with their nifty enhanced blank-rifles and tell the manager and guards they intend to take a Saudi's bearer-bonds and will hold the gorgeous celebrity bank employee Donna hostage until they're given these Saudi bonds. The manager and guards realize the Ex-Presidents intend to perform this Saudi theft for some unknown politically incendiary reason hiding some background Iceland economic initiative possibly tied to the Euro-underground and are honestly frightened. They allow the Ex-Presidents to take the Saudi bonds, and the thieves leave behind their stolen motorcycles after boarding a nearby public bus after removing their disguises.


DUKE: Now that the Saudi bonds are ours, we'll re-channel them into the geothermal plant investments as of yet neglected!


The Ex-Presidents decide to hook up with their video-game designer friend who lives in Iceland, a friend of Duke Phelps incidentally and help him create a Lego inspired video game about modern-day capitalism, bank robbery, and anti-terrorism propaganda. This hot video-game is titled Capital Electric and is very popular and boosts Lego sales that Christmas. Even Duke buys one of these Lego-copters for his toddler son Damian.


DUKE: I like to think now that the Ex-Presidents have left Iceland, they've found a terrific place to settle down and retire!


Meanwhile, Hollywood is releasing an excellent modern-day re-visioned film about archaic adventures near Valentine's Day in Reykjavik, to commemorate all this new age capitalism diabolique.


ISAAC: It seems Duke wants to spin the Reykjavik economy into a renewable cycle.
EMILE: We put in our two cents with our pirate contribution, no?
ANDRE: Perhaps Leif Erikson would find this all
ROGERS: I still worry about modern cowboys exploiting vulnerable markets.
ISAAC: That's the color of crossed destiny, my good friends.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)


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Nov 16, 2017
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Thank you very much for your interesting post.

I worry a great deal about Iceland. I really do.

You describe the island as "idyllic."

I hope that it can remain that way. (I do not feel that I can be specific.)

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