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Sep 22, 2013
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Here's a more fun and romantic heist story, inspired by a movie no one dislikes --- Bonnie & Clyde.


It was sunset in Chicago. This was the city of Al Capone and the Untouchables and of the Bears and Blackhawks. Chicago had also become a city of great commerce, romance, and yes, banks and night-life. There was a daylife of work and a nightlife of play. Chicago is unlike any other American city really.


This is Charlie. He's a bank robber in Chicago. He's somewhat insane.


This is Nola, Charlie's girlfriend. She's not as insane, but she's a good complement for Charlie who really is.


This is one of the first banks Charlie and Nola robbed together, wearing rabbit masks and wielding machine-guns and claiming they were tourists from Europe checking 'security systems' for American banks but wielding guns for the real piracy. Shocking their victims, Charlie and Nola were a real wild duo and much more imposing than our legendary American bank robbing historical duo Bonnie and Clyde (from the Great Depression!). Charlie and Nola are fixated on the MB Financial Bank in Chicago, perhaps because it represents modern-day urban traffic...and style.


CHARLIE: When you walk into this bank building, you get the sense you're in some crystal palace of great capitalism!


NOLA: I try to keep Charlie on his big toes, lest he fall into the death traps set by the big wigs of Chicago now.


Over the two years this couple has romanced and robbed banks in and around Chicago in Illinois, Charlie and Nola have boasted very loud and expensive weaponry. That's because they take their earnings and use it to buy only recreational things and weapons, since they live in a modest but spacious Chicago apartment. They've resolved to rob a max of 20 banks in Illinois before retiring, and they romantically believe they're the diametric opposite of the 9/11 terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center.


Charlie bought this gray Porsche for Nola, and she loves driving around in it to get groceries and drinks for their special dinners!


A gritty journalist named Michelle has been assigned to track the story of Charlie and Nola, and their faces are as of yet unidentified! Michelle works for a powerful Chicago TV network called Bee, and her boss wants her to paint Charlie and Nola as 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' for some nifty new age urban anti-capitalism angst folk-tales in inventive journalism. However, Michelle just wants to see if Americans want to see Charlie and Nola get away with these terrible crimes in Chicago!


MICHELLE: Man, I have no doubt, boss that it's this bank robbing couple that's inspired the heist video-game Capital Creatures.


Fortunately, the ardent new Chicago police department officer Matt Damian is assigned to track and arrest Charlie and Nola, before they not only take us back to the days of the Great Depression but bring down the psychic sanctity of banking safely and securely in Chicago in the 21st Century. Officer Damian is a big fan of soap-operas and doesn't agree that Charlie and Nola should be canonized as a 'TV-dioramic' romantic couple in America!


NOLA: I think the young folks in today's Chicago nightclubs secretly romanticize us, because we're fun about money and disease.


MICHELLE: I just want people to access the news online on their tablets in Chicago and not find a bloody story about thieves!


CHARLIE: My biggest worry is that I won't provide anything for Nola but a real life of crime...and desperation in Chicago.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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