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Republicans would rather make Excuses for Failure, than Fix their Failure Problem


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Oct 15, 2015
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say what???

Your comparison rings hollow.

Get back to me when the Dems:
Inherit a balanced budget and projected surpluss and squander that and then crash the economy 7 years later...

Start 2 wars we don't need and they fuck those wars up and can't win those wars, THAT IS TOTAL FAILURE.

Have the worse covid response in the world with the most deaths and the most cases in the world and 24 hr+ wait times for testing, THAT IS TOTAL FAILURE.

If you are trying to say the Senate passing a $1.2 T infrastructure bill that gop bipartisan support is equally as bad as what I just listed, then you are just a pathetic clueless retard.

Look at how bad your comparison is, you are very over matched here, be careful what you say, you look very stupid right now.
As usual, you lefties are very selective with your facts. However, I do acknowledge that both Dems and Pubs aren't very good at handling our financial affairs and our best times of being fiscally responsible have been with a Democratic president and a Republican Congress to keep him in check. No other combination has ever worked, in recent times anyway.

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