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  • To your signature, I wish that I could find a magical way to forget that he's president.
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    The usa is Alice in Wonderland. We've gone down the rabbit hole.
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    "Go fuck yourself" is the best you've got! Doing so while hiding behind a keyboard is proof you are a vulgar, cowardly 61 year old punk.
    Your post to cry to my mommy not only violates the rules, it's proof you are an asshole. My dear mother passed in 2008, which proves you are a piece of human excrement and act before you think. Try to think if you can before your post, if you are able to learn from your screw ups.
    Just read some of your posts, you really seem to be BS filter, no kidding! Welcome aboard!
    P.S. Your Avatar is pretty cute.
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    Been here about a dozen times over the years and keep getting banned by left-wing mods. Looks like the leftist trolls were finally taken care of.
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