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Questions Swirl Around U.N.'s Climate Auditors



A little-known group called the InterAcademy Council has been made the voice of authority on the credibility of climate change, leaving critics scratching their heads -- and some key questions unanswered.

Aknowledging the rising tide of public skepticism toward global warming, the United Nations announced on March 10 that the IAC would act as an independent reviewer for its climate-science arm, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But a week later, the IAC remains a mystery, and it still hasn't explained who will be on the review panel or how the panel will operate. And if it knows, it isn't saying. "The IAC expects to begin its IPCC review shortly and issue a report by August 31. There is no other statement," Anne Muller, program coordinator at the IAC, told FoxNews.com.

The IAC was founded in 2000 as an advisory body for the U.N. and the World Bank
FOXNews.com - Questions Swirl Around U.N.'s Climate Auditors

World bank?

Old Rocks

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Oct 31, 2008
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Portland, Ore.
You are going to be surprised at the number of places that the ongoing effects of AGW will be popping up. The world bank has a hand in determining where monies go and for what projects.

There should be no further money loaned for projects that result in increased GHGs.

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