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Alan Stallion
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  • Hey, thanks for coming to my fun parties. I'm following you now because you seem pretty nice. :)
    Alan Stallion
    Alan Stallion
    I am pretty nice... and I don't bite. :cool:
    I'm always up for a good music thread.
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    A man from San Jose? I moved to San Jose in 1961 after high school. I attended college and met my wife also in San Jose. We left the area for the last time in 1985. . . I remember when south San Jose was covered with orchards bearing fruit, but alas before I was gone so were most of the fruit trees replaced by asphalt, concrete, buildings and people.
    Alan Stallion
    Alan Stallion
    Yup, born and raised here. Vaguely remember a time before Interstate 280 opened up through the main part of San Jose. San Jose's a lot different now. But I just got back from a hike; still lots of good places to hike away from the asphalt, concrete and buildings. :)
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