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Peter-Tinker Dystopia


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Sep 22, 2013
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I've always been fascinated by how the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell pairing (from the JM Barrie novel and the Disney adapted character) can be contrasted to the prince-and-prostitute characterization in the iconic American film Pretty Woman.

So here's an adapted fan-fic/dialogue I constructed about Peter talking to Tinker Bell about the general moral malaise in the universe which draws people away from liberal romanticism.

You decide if it's relevant to modern times.

Has our species strayed away from lyricism?


PETER PAN: What do you think about London?
TINKER BELL: There are a lot of people and 'traffic'!
PETER PAN: There are lots of poor people and distressed policemen.
TINKER BELL: They're chasing criminals like 'Jack the Ripper.'
PETER PAN: I have no fear, since you're always with me.
TINKER BELL: Don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be a regular human?
PETER PAN: I wouldn't be able to fly around (with you)!
TINKER BELL: True, but you could become a detective and help Scotland Yard.
PETER PAN: I'm sure they have plenty of smart detectives.
TINKER BELL: You and I should get married then.
PETER PAN: We should, but who would take care of Wendy?
TINKER BELL: She'll find her way; and she's a London-person.
PETER PAN: You and I are free spirits then.
TINKER BELL: We could live in the trees.
PETER PAN: Eco-pollution is devastating Earth's forests.
TINKER BELL: The city is no place for the romantic heart!
PETER PAN: I suppose we should be grateful for being 'magic-spirits.'
TINKER BELL: Maybe London folks dream about 'escaping' the crime of the city.
PETER PAN: They'll never be like us!
TINKER BELL: What if I became a London prostitute?
PETER PAN: What if I became Jack-the-Ripper?
TINKER BELL: Maybe someday, a finance-wizard will be elected as the world leader.
PETER PAN: Why would that be important?
TINKER BELL: Money makes people happier than philosophy.


Tinker Bell


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