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Our REP system sucks


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Sep 1, 2005
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Murrayville, Ga
Our rep system is the equivalent of Affirmative Action. I'm just gonna stop attempting to award good posts folks! What is the sense of having the system if it is limited in such a way as it is?

I know I'm no old timer here and the site certainly won't live or die based on my input. I have made some good friends. I am however boycotting rep at this point and will attempt to pass NONE out until I can CHOOSE who I pass it out to. I'll probably be banned for trying to influence others to do the same so before that happens I would like to say GOOD BYE to everyone and that I have enjoyed the site very much except for the REP system which is absolutely ridiculous.

When people participate and make good points they can be awarded rep, that is good, unless they have made too many good points! I'm certainly no rep hound and since I am not a heavy poster my awards are not worth much....however.........I don't like not being to award someone when I choose to, not someone else choosing for me.

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