Obama: I’m Not Going to Be ‘Waiting for Legislation’; ‘I’ve Got a Pen’ to ‘Take Execu


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Dec 18, 2011
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He's so committed to his agenda that he doesn't care who gets hurt. Obamacare is hurting millions of people, way more than supposedly couldn't afford insurance and were used as an excuse to implement this socialist law. If that many people really wanted it, they would have signed up. They didn't.

Now Obama is focusing on what he can do alone since he no longer has the cooperation of the Dems in congress. They are too busy trying to get re-elected, so agreeing with him right now would ruin their chances.

Obama doesn't care that encouraging more illegal aliens to come here will hurt us even more. He doesn't care about the millions now without health insurance who can no longer afford it. He doesn't care about middle class people losing their jobs and others are facing huge tax increases.

He could care less that the elected representatives won't have a say in what he does. His arrogance makes him think that he alone should call the shots and he doesn't need congress holding him back. The people no longer have any voice in Washington. He alone will decide what we need, what we can do and what we can no longer do.

And the commies and socialists out there are probably cheering the wannabe dictator on because they long to be ruled and taken care of by others.

As Barack Obama continues to languish in the polls, and cooperation between Congress and the White House is at a virtual standstill, Whitehouse.gov has announced that “2014 will be a year of action for the American people” through the use of “every executive action available.”
White House: 'Obama Ready To Use Every Executive Action Available' To Enforce Agenda | Independent Journal Review

Obama: I’m Not Going to Be ‘Waiting for Legislation’; ‘I’ve Got a Pen’ to ‘Take Executive Actions’Obama: I?m Not Going to Be ?Waiting for Legislation?; ?I?ve Got a Pen? to ?Take Executive Actions? | Top Right News
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