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Most favored nation and retaliation.


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Jul 26, 2009
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Most favored nation and retaliation:

I'm a proponent of USA adhering to a policy of “most favored nation” even if no formal agreement exists between us and the nonbelligerent nations.

During our history, we often had severe political differences among ourselves but we strived not to consider our differences when dealing with matters beyond our shores. If any foreign nation treats the entities of other nations with greater preference than that of USA and our allies or entities, we should firmly retaliate.

This should be our policy regardless of whatever is our nation's majority party, regardless of how small the injury to us or ours, or to how much lesser worthy of concern is the injury, or what may be the net detrimental extent of injury to ourselves if we choose to retaliate. A lesser policy diminishes our eventual future self- interests.

We should strive that any retaliatory action we take should be meaningful, but realize that failure to take any action diminishes ourselves.

We should strive that the extent of our retaliation not be inappropriately too severe because that also diminishes ourselves and our reputation. Additionally, if due to our severe retaliation an adversary is subject to what they consider to be the severest of injury, they may well decide that they need not consider improving our mutual relationship, but rather continue or escalate whatever harm they can do to us.

Respectfully, Supposn


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Jun 27, 2011
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sw mizzouri
There already is a grading system in Congress for recognition as most favored nation in order for trade to exist.

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