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    Most favored nation and retaliation.

    Most favored nation and retaliation: I'm a proponent of USA adhering to a policy of “most favored nation” even if no formal agreement exists between us and the nonbelligerent nations. During our history, we often had severe political differences among ourselves but we strived not to...
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    President Trump's Tariffs

    President Trump's Tariffs: I did not vote for a Democrat or a Republican 2017 presidential candidate or for their electoral college supporters. I indicated my rejection by voting for a less than electable 3d party candidate, demonstrating my opposition to the declared policies of both major...
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    A Republican trade deficit solution?

    A Republican trade deficit solution? Refer to: Wikipedia’s “Import Certificates” article and to #1. 20% corporate tax rate I suppose is negotiable? #2. Single year duration of depreciation for anything and...

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