foreign relations

  1. S

    Most favored nation and retaliation.

    Most favored nation and retaliation: I'm a proponent of USA adhering to a policy of “most favored nation” even if no formal agreement exists between us and the nonbelligerent nations. During our history, we often had severe political differences among ourselves but we strived not to...
  2. toobfreak

    Donald Trump: The Eternal National Embarrassment

    How do we endure a president like this? First he gets along with Russia, both commanding greater respect, lashing harsher sanctions on them while simultaneously trying to smooth relations. Likewise might similarly be said about Little Kim of North Korea. All is not perfect, but better. Now...
  3. P@triot

    So much for the false narrative that Obama was "repairing" our reputation with the world

    Our closest allies (England and Israel) now hate us. And our biggest enemies (Russia and China) hate us more than ever and are showing aggression towards us on a consistent basis. Now relations have fallen apart with the Philipines thanks to Obama's bungling of foreign relations. President...

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