MAGA Mike and Noah's Ark

Somebody that beleives in the Ark is far superior to that worthless Negro dumbshit asshole Jefferies that supports millions of Illegal flooding in, more debt, more inflation, more wokeness, higher fuel prices, more welfare and bigger oppressive government.
Notice the evil left smearing the new Speaker.

This is where Democrats are taking America. But it has always been who and what the Democrats have been since the 1830s. America-hating, Constitution-hating enemies of the rest of us.
Let's face reality, they would go after the new Speaker in exactly the same way no matter WHO it is. Heck, the Republicans could have elected Obama Speaker, and the democrats would have torn him to shreds because the memes were all set and just needed the names filled in, the hate screeds were written and ready to send, and the dirt diggers were already desperately combing through all of history, looking for any conceivable thing they could throw at the new Speaker. It's who they are and how they operate.
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New House Speaker Thinks Creationist Museum Is 'Pointing People To The Truth'​

An ark replica with dinosaurs "is one way to bring people to this recognition ... that what we read in the Bible are actual historical events,” Mike Johnson said.

Before arriving in Washington less than a decade ago, House Speaker Mike Johnson, a deeply religious Christian, was a legal crusader associated with a fringe evangelical movement called “young Earth creationism,” based on a literal reading of the Bible’s Book of Genesis that posits the Earth is only several thousand years old.

In the mere hours since Johnson was elected speaker Wednesday, he hadn’t had to address his views on creationism and evolution. But his close ties to a leader of the creationist movement and his past legal work — on behalf of the Ark Encounter creationist theme park, where children can learn that dinosaurs were passengers on Noah’s Ark — seem to suggest that he’s also personally aligned with these beliefs.

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So, if you're into Creation Museums and Noah's Ark, MAGA Mike's your man. I added some Noah's Ark humor below for context...

Noah's Arc Humor
More of your tolerance?
There is a lot of Moon Bat hate for Christians.

They are very seldom hateful towards Muslims but they always let you know how much they hate Christians.
There is a lot of Moon Bat hate for Christians.

They are very seldom hateful towards Muslims but they always let you know how much they hate Christians.

You competing for victim status?
It just doesn't make ANY sense, unless you believe in Fairy Tales.
Bob Blaylock Do you believe in Fairy Tales?
Noah's Ark?

If God and the Ark was a Disney Production, you trump cultists would be destroying Disney.....oh wait, you already tried that.

Wait....what...... Bob Blaylock insists The Ark is FACT. Mermaids and Unicorns too.
So what is the fairy tale you believe in? That all life magically sprung out of nowhere all by itself, with no God?

Science can’t explain the creation of life.
You do not speak for any sane people. You speak for fucked-up sexual perverts.

Be known by the company that you choose to keep.
You mean like those that Grab em by the pussy, or for whom sex is the main thing that they have in common with their daughter?
Can you please stop talking about Joe Biden for once?
What a pathetic thing for you to say. Trump is your cult leader. You might as well own up to what he says. Everybody knows what he's said, anyway. .

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