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Nov 25, 2007
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I'll not unite with these frauds and millions more won't either. This is an illegitimate fraud president worthy of absolutely nothing.
President Biden.
Say it.
Every time anyone says it, Billy...I still can't believe you folks on the left elected THAT idiot to be our President! The dumbest man in the Senate for the past forty years is now running the country? How did THAT happen? Millions of Democrats to choose from and you pick a guy who's having a good day if he doesn't drool on himself!

He took over for the dumbest man to ever enter the political world so we have that!!!

not to mention biden will actually listen to the experts; whether it's the medical & science community & not going with 'his hunches' or TV doctors & pillow guys hawking drugs that can actually harm rather than do any good. or believes he 'knows more than the generals'.... or align himself with murdering dictators because they powder his butt & whisper sweet nothings in his ear, playing him like a fiddle by sending him 'love letters'.
Fauci is a fraud. He was screwing up things with HIV. Interesting that part of that sequence in covid 19 has HIV fragments. WHO is owned by China. These aren't experts.

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