Drought-hit Australian towns prepare for 'unimaginable' water crisis


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Sep 30, 2011
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The little town of Guyra in eastern Australia lies next to a freshwater lagoon just half a day’s drive from Sydney, but its drinking water is due to run dry in 400 days’ time.

The local authorities have been trucking in fresh water, built a pipeline to a local dam and will soon start drilling in the hope of finding new supplies. For Mayor Simon Murray, the biggest worry is that Guyra is not alone.

“A lot of towns are forecast to run out at the same time - and then where do you get the water from?” he said, referring to an area that is home to some 180,000 people.

It is part of a much bigger problem in a country unused to widespread financial hardship; Australia has enjoyed growth for a generation yet livelihoods are now at risk from drought worsened by climate change, a predicament more familiar to developing countries.
Drought-hit Australian towns prepare for 'unimaginable' water crisis

Ok. Here's my problem with the article. There are 400 days left so whatever "action on climate change" that people are jumping up and down for does not somehow drill for water. So, if people could just stop throwing tantrums and talking about talking and actually do something that might require physical movement..........that'd be great.

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