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But....but...Europe has gun control......please, explain that to immigrant drug gangs in Sweden...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Frigid weirdo in another thread and several other anti-gun extremists keep telling us that countries with strict gun control are better....

Tell that to Sweden.....doesn't seem to be working for them...

A suspected bomb blast which tore through an apartment block, injuring 20 people in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in the early hours of Tuesday has reignited the country's debate over rampant gang violence.

Police say that an explosive device was 'probably' placed at the scene, with sources revealing that an officer who recently testified at a major gang trial lived in the building.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven refused to 'speculate' but it's hard to blame Swedes for rushing to conclusions: more than 200 explosions and 360 shootings reverberated through their cities in 2020.

Police chiefs blame the violence on 'criminal clans that have a completely different culture' and a 'generous welfare system and trusting society can be exploited by the criminal networks.'

The country last year suffered its highest level of murder and manslaughter for at least 18 years, with 124 people killed in violent attacks. Eighty per cent were linked to gangs and 39 per cent involved guns.

Gun crime is also rampant, which BRA attributes to increased gangs, drug trafficking, and low confidence in the police.

In 2020, Sweden recorded more than 360 gun-involved incident, with 47 deaths and 117 people wounded.

After a long period of decline, gun violence steadily increased from the mid-2000s and continues to do so.

Shooting deaths more than doubled between 2011 and 2019 and now account for 40 per cent of violent deaths.

'The increase in gun homicide in Sweden is closely linked to criminal milieux in socially disadvantaged areas,' the report said.

Eighty per cent of shootings were linked to gangs, a significantly higher proportion than in other European countries.

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