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Back-breaking labour of Georgian parliamentarians


Sep 30, 2011
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It seems that lawlessness in Georgia put it hands over everything in the country... Recently Transparency International Georgia presented a paper where described how the parliamentarians in Georgia do their duties. It was reported that members of parliament are not allowed to use ID cards of their colleagues to vote but this rule is always violated on the insistence of the pro-president party. It is worth to mention that fine for the violation is paid by the card holder, in fact Saakashvili’s party pays all these penalties since it a cheaper way to push through the required legislation. The first violation will cost monthly wage, second – wage for three months and the penalty for any following breach will be equal to wage a parliamentary gets for six months. Such manipulations with ID cards and voting panels are often observed in the legislative body. On many occasions such violations stay unpunished while the penalties are being paid by the party from the taxes of Georgians.

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