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  • Just so you can't say you never saw it:

    August 10th 2019: Cease & desist all communications with me or about me , it is both unwanted and unwelcome and if you continue it will be viewed as unlawful harassment.
    I was going to forward the sources to you, but I'm having a hard time figuring how to do that, so I will make another post. The first one was kind of messy anyway and people told me the links didn't work.
    Please bare in mind, that this old coot is taking some very strong drugs for verbal incontinence, and they dont always work
    hello coyote---I just read your message of
    yesterday----(re music)- WHAT a coincidence---Just after glancing at the I/P board ----an noting a thread titled---in what SHOULD be
    called a "VIOLATION"

    "" Was the creation of the jewish racial
    dictatorship a good idea?" by your fellow

    I notice that the racist
    filth is STILL there since yesterday. I am not surprised in view of the demonstrated
    hypocrisy of the I/P
    mod-squad. I have
    not doubt that if I had answered---"should the racist muslim monarchy JORDAN have been created --to any of seal's usual racist sneers---"should the racist irish catholic dictatorship have been created"----that I would be awarded 3 life sentences. It's ok----I am getting used to your cynical

    now that I think about it----"racist muslim" and/or
    "racist catholic"----could be applied more
    correctly to DOZENS
    of countries. But in
    worlds of nazis---they
    all pass
    THAN NUCLEAR BOMBS" (shades of
    of OMAR and his "PACT")
    Good that I could not
    respond to that one
    since I believe that shariah has taken
    more lives than hiroshima and nagasake combined.

    That is interesting because we have a very good approximation of how many lives were lost or effected. How many do think sharia based justice or ritualistic application has killed or effect?
    She is an old, washed up Zionist cow, with a Hate that flows out of her potty-mouth posts
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