Air America Was To Fair?

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May 30, 2006
Who says libs do not have a sense of humor? The new owners of Dead Air America says they will expand their base and actually make money

This about the same network that, with Al Franken's daily dose of Bush hatred brought you Randi Rhodes playing audio of gunshots suggesting the assassination of President Bush, and exclaiming "here's your answer . . . you little bastard."

Liberal version of fair and balnced? Mayne this fool needs a huge tax write off


Steve Green to be Chairman, Mark Green President and Scott Elberg COO of "Air America 2.0"


NEW YORK-March 6, 2007- Air America, the progressive talk network, today announced that Green Family Media had formally completed its acquisition of the network.

“We’re obviously thrilled and relieved that the Green family will now take control of Air America and help take it to a new level,” said Scott Elberg, who has been the top executive at the company and will stay as its Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to expanding our audience and continuing to give a voice to the progressive movement in this country.”

In the new structure, Stephen Green will be the Chairman of the Board and Mark Green will be President, running the company with Mr. Elberg. Stephen Green will be the majority shareholder; the Progressive Radio Group, led by Terry Kelly; and Democracy Allies are the minority shareholders.

Air America currently is on 70 affiliates reaching a weekly audience of 1.7 million listeners. It produces 19 hours of original programming daily.

“Air America is a great idea and iconic name, but it’s also been an underperforming asset with unrealized potential,” said chairman Stephen Green. “We intend to stabilize its structure, programming and balance sheet – and then to turn it around by next year. I’m a businessman used to making money and Air America will be no exception.”

“We plan on a two-step turnaround to make this great brand Air America 2.0”, said president Mark Green. “First, we'll make sure our programming stays informative, sharp and entertaining – so that it's appealing to a growing audience and advertisers alike. Second, we’ll be thinking outside the radio box by creatively distributing great content across many platforms in the next years, including the web, video, mobile and broadband. We intend to become a must-hear content site for all people interested in truth, justice and the Air American way."

Stephen L. Green is the chairman of SL Green Realty Corp. and Gramercy Capital Corp., companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SLGreen Realty Corp. and Gramercy Capital Corp. are not part of this acquisition.)

Mark Green is the author/editor of 21 books (see, including the best-selling Who Runs Congress? (1972) and The Book on Bush (2004). He is the former elected Public Advocate for New York City (1993-2001), and the Democratic nominee for mayor in 2001. He currently teaches at NYU and is president of the not-for-profit research institute, The New Democracy Project. He has been a frequent guest on Air America, MSNBC, CNN and NY1.

Scott Elberg is a radio veteran with 25 years of experience in both the Boston and New York area. Prior to joining Air America Radio in Spring of 2005, Elberg was Vice President of Sales at Univision Radio for three years in New York City -- and before then Vice President of WKTU Radio in New York City, where he led the station to the top 5 in the New York market in both ratings and revenue in 2000, 2001, and 2002
well atleast they seem to be learning and realizing that you actually have to work for profits to stay in business. Maybe one of these days they will learn even more about reality and come to the conservative movement.
The new owners of Dead Air America says they will expand their base and actually make money

Nothing wrong with that. And it's quite possible.

If they contract to start airing Rush Limbaugh's program, their listenership will increase rapidly and steadily, as has the listenership of every other station that's gotten Limbaugh. A few disgruntled libs might leave, but there were so few listening in the first place, their loss will be unimportant. The gains will outpace them by orders of magnitude.

An easy and effective solution! :D
Dead Air America was supposed to be the liberal answer to Rush and Sean

As with most liberal ideas it crashed and burned.
“First, we'll make sure our programming stays informative, sharp and entertaining "

If that were true, they wouldnt have gone belly up.

The release didnt really say anything. We will see if they can turn it around. In order to do so, however, they will have to get much more conservative. Radio is the only medium that is directly and immediately impacted by the masses. ANd the only one that subscribers can pick and choose which parts to take in. Unlike the newspaper, like the LA Times, where millions buy it only for the sports section, or tv or movie shows where we tune in for entertainment but get the slime ball liberal messages anyways. And then the news on TV. They simply have a monopoly and actually have the masses convinced they are unbiased and unslanted,
Before Dead Air went on the air, the NY times ran about 12 front page stories saying how Rush and Sean would finally have some competition from the left

However, they started on only a handful of stations, they had no sponsors, no ad revenue coming in, and had no business plan to get sponsors.

It seems libs believed the sponsors would come to them to pay for ads instead of the libs going out and finding the sponsors

Of course when you have hosts openly hoping for the death of the President, and non stop America bashing, who would want to run ads on their network?

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