Yahoo Being Sued For Being Anti-Democratic


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Nov 22, 2003
Good. Lots of links. I hope the same happens with Google and Microsoft, they also kowtowed.

Thursday, March 8, 2007
Jailed Chinese dissident's wife to sue Yahoo for ratting him out

Chinese 'net dissident Wang Xianoning was sentenced to 10 years in prison back in 2003 for publishing what authorities claimed were "subversive" articles on the internet.

His wife, Yu Ling, flew to the US this week. She told the US government radio outlet Voice of America that she came here to sue Yahoo for damages and an apology because its Hong Kong division uncloaked her husband's identity to Chinese government investigators:

“We in the United States feel strongly about allowing the free flow of ideas and discussion on the Internet and elsewhere,” said VOA Director Dan Austin. “Our interview with Mrs. Yu will be heard in China on our Mandarin Service as well as on our broadcasts worldwide.”

Human rights groups have, in recent years, accused Yahoo of providing Chinese authorities with information that has led to the imprisonment of several dissidents, and the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders says that Wang Xianoning is one of 50 individuals who have been imprisoned by China for their activities on the Internet.
So -- the US government's own federally-funded radio network is slamming an internet company for kowtowing to an undemocratic regime? There's a first.

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