1. Litwin

    Germany issues warrant to Putins cyber GRU terrorists (Dmitry Badin) over on German Bundestag in 2015

    Germany issues warrant to Putins cyber GRU terrorists (Dmitry Badin) over on German Bundestag in 2015 . I will do my best in order to get Dmitry Badin (and his bosses) down ! Sanction bomb Pugabe with oil - gas sanctions!!! Long Live Free and Democratic Germany !! Baron is it you...
  2. Street Juice

    Putin: Deep State willing to sacrifice Israel

    Very interesting video of Mr Putin addressing meeting of Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives. At one point, he goes off script. Deep State ready to sacrifice Israel? Powerful group in USA works for own group's interests, traitors to America? Don't care about their own security...
  3. Litwin

    An Officer And A Diplomat: The Strange Case Of The GRU Spy With A Red Notice

    one for sure the Hague is closer and closer " n its original series of investigations in 2018, Bellingcat identified three GRU officers: Maj. Gen. Denis Sergeev, Col. Anatoliy Chepiga and Col. Alexander Mishkin, M.D., linked to the March 2018 Novichok poisonings in Salisbury. In several...
  4. Litwin

    Muscovite ulus ("russia") Wants To Help Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump.

    nightmare of the free world comes true - Bernie Sanders Vs. Donald Trump. .... only shale OIL/Gas prices can help us Russia Wants To Help Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump. Only www.huffpost.com › entry › bernie-sanders-rus... Översätt den här sidan för 18 timmar sedan - “My message to Putin...
  5. Litwin

    Vovka Putler could be anointed ‘supreme leader’ of Muscovy ulus

    Vladimir Putin could be anointed ‘supreme leader’ of Russia | World | The Times President Putin could officially be called the “supreme leader of Russia” under plans being discussed by a government commission, the Kremlin has said . hold my beer
  6. The Original Tree

    Dems Just Quoted PUTIN as a Witness?

    You cannot make this stuff up. Douchebag argues that Russia wants to interfere in our election and then uses a short statement Putin made, to urge The Senate to Interfere in our Elections! You cannot make this stuff up. They are batshit crazy and desperate.
  7. The Original Tree

    Dem impeachment witness Vindman unloads on Blackburn as Dems wrap 3rd day of Trump's trial

    Yes he is a spy, and worked with the Whistleblower to file false reports and should immediately be deported back to The Ukraine. He had been asked by the previous corrupt Ukraine Government to be it's defense secretary over 6 times and that is where he should go. Remember kids: The Whistle...
  8. Litwin

    16-year-old Muscovite schoolgirl had committed suicide after trying to give it for 50 years

    16-year-old Muscovite schoolgirl had committed suicide after trying to give it for 50 years. reality of puterstan and of cos TV.ru does nor rapport about it 16-year-old Russian had committed suicide after trying to give it for 50 years | Russian news EN
  9. EvilEyeFleegle

    Russian government resigns

    Wow! I bet Trump sure wishes this could happen here! Scary thing is..there are a few million Trump supporters that would be OK with it! Russian government resigns - Prime Minister Medvedev "Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday that the government he heads was resigning to...
  10. Litwin

    What UK West d do in order to stop Putin terrorism on its soil ? new picture of putin GRU killer Bos

    What UK/West d do in order to stop Putin terrorism on its soil ? new picture of putin GRU killer Boshirov "We, with assistance from @kromark and @pustota, found photographs and videos of Skripal poisoner Chepiga at a GRU commander's daughter's wedding, a year before the Salisbury events...
  11. deanrd

    America is about to get a class in Russian aggression with the Ukraine as the example

    I was just watching interviews of soldiers out in the field where they’re fighting a hot war against Russian aggression. One Ukrainian soldier Picked up a handful of soil and said this is my land and I was born here and I don’t want to live under Russian rule. The US had a cold war for...
  12. Fort Fun Indiana

    IC Whistleblower report concerns Trump and a foreign leader

    Apparently, Trump, in a phone call, made a promise to a foreign leader that prompted an intelligence agency employee to file a formal complaint. The Intelligence Community Inspector General deemed the report "credible and urgent". Naturally, the Trump stooge "acting director" (Trump has him on...
  13. Litwin

    Scandinavia Won’t Be russia’s Next Target. Finland and Sweden

    can Finland and Sweden defend themselves from satanic , barbarism of the mongols juchi? without help from NATO?` " Mikheil Saakashvili’s country was a victim of Putin’s aggression. Finland and Sweden won’t be." Scandinavia Won’t Be Russia’s Next Target
  14. Litwin

    Bulgaria condemns "ruSSian" exhibit lauding WW2 'liberation' of Eastern Europe

    Great move from Bulgarian state, only barbarian Asiatic Maskali or Marxist- stalinists can call stalinist occupation of eastern - central Europe for 'liberation'.... "Bulgaria condemns "russian" exhibit lauding WW2 'liberation' of Eastern Europe" Bulgaria condemns Russian exhibit lauding WW2...
  15. deanrd

    There’s only two possible reasons why Trump would block aid to the Ukraine

    This is been a real war between the Ukraine and Russia. So far there’s been around 10,000 people who have died. So there’s only two possible reasons that Trump would stop this money. The first one being he wants Ukraine to investigate any connections to Joe Biden. Hoping it would help...
  16. Litwin

    Koba (stalin) killed more Ukrainians than Hitler killed Jews, says USA congressman

    Rep. Michael McCaul is right actually, why so is few people in the world know it ? and why Muscovite empire (USSR successor) does not pay computations to Ukrainians? " A Texas congressman compared the Holocaust to a man-made famine that decimated the Soviet Ukraine in the early 1930s...
  17. Litwin

    pictures from putlerstan which show the real shape of the dying juchi empire

    pictures from putlerstan which show the real shape of the dying juchi empire Gorki park the local Muslims are refreshing themselves
  18. deanrd

    This is why Republicans are wrong wanting a "GREAT" leader like Vladimir Putin

    What we know -- and don't -- about the mysterious Russian missile explosion The explosion of a suspected Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile last week has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety, fueled in part by Russian authorities' continuing secrecy around the accident. Local authorities...
  19. georgephillip

    Trump's Border Thugs Bully US Journalist

    Trump and his handler recently joked about "fake news" at the G20: "Texas journalist Seth Harp, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, tells a harrowing tale at The Intercept about his May 13 effort to return to the U.S. from a reporting trip in Mexico City. "Passing through immigration at...
  20. The Original Tree

    Obama-Nukes in Iran, Poised to Take Out Israel and US Warships

    This goes under the heading of more DOPE and DERANGED promises Obama made to Fundamentally Change America and Democracy by Undermining America Overseas and At Home. Worst President Ever. Should be tried for Treason, but he has too many like minded Traitors embedded deep in our Government...
  21. deanrd

    How many think Trump will be in prison before the end of 2021?

    Nearly 400 former federal prosecutors signed onto a letter Monday claiming that if Donald Trump was not a sitting president, he would have been found guilty of obstruction of justice from evidence laid out of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Bill Weld, who announced he running for...
  22. The Original Tree

    Why America should do Weapons Drops and Food Drops for The Venezuelan People

    If Obama can sell weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, Interfere in Israel's Elections, Inerfere in The Ukraine's Elections, Provide money and weapons to Al Queda in Libya to launch a COUP and ASSASSINATE Qaddafi, give millions in cash and weapons to The Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egypt. Give...
  23. Litwin

    The Dutch government is Putler´s Bitc& , Role crime cartel Ozero money in Europe & USA

    The Dutch government is Putler´s Bitc& , Role crime cartel Ozero money in Europe & USA new i understand why The Dutch government is sOOOOO SOFT ON OZERO ... whats about your country? is it also has been penetrated by Ozero crime cartel ? " The CSIS Europe Program, in partnership with the...
  24. deanrd

    We are about to see “birtherism” gone wild!

    Republicans discovered during the last election that lying works. They don’t run anymore on policy because who likes Republican policy? Tax cuts for billionaires, screw the middle class, election fraud, voter suppression, no healthcare, a dirty environment,and on and on and on. Already...
  25. deanrd

    What does the Republican embrace of Russia and North Korea and Arabia mean for the US?

    It's not just Trump who admires and embraces the violent and murderous leaders of: Russia North Korea Saudi Arabia The entire Republican Party sees such men as "strong leaders" and men to be admired. I've heard Republicans say they wish we had a leader like Vladimir Putin. More Republicans...
  26. deanrd

    After lending more than $2.5 billion, Deutsche Bank told Trump "NO MORE LOANS"! Why?

    After lending more than $2.5 billion, Deutsche Bank told Trump "NO MORE LOANS"! Why? Trump Sought a Loan During the 2016 Campaign. Deutsche Bank Said No. In 1998, it lent Mr. Trump $125 million for renovations on a Wall Street skyscraper. The relationship blossomed, and over the next 17...
  27. deanrd

    What is left in the Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin CHECK LIST?

    So suppose Trump really does work for Vladimir Putin. And Putin gave Trump a "Check List" of things he wants done. So what is left to do on that speculative "Check List". We can start with what Trump and the Republicans have already "accomplished": 1. Trump has divided the nation. CHECK 2...
  28. deanrd

    Wow! What Hillary said! Trump is "Putin's Puppet". And time will only prove her right!

    Secrets handed over to Russia by Trump in the Oval Office. Trump defending Russian interference in our election. Trump defending Russian Oligarchs. Trump removing sanctions. Trump lying. And Hillary told Trump he would be Putin's Puppets. Turns out, she was right. Watch Trump lie. Right...
  29. deanrd

    Did we win the "Cold War" only to lose it with the election of Donald Trump?

    Did we? It was because of NATO that we won the Cold War. Now that Trump wants to turn NATO into a Mafia Style "Pay for Protection" scheme and Trump is threatening to kick countries out of NATO that won't pay, is NATO over? Did we lose the Cold War to Russia. Clearly, Trump works for Russia...
  30. The Original Tree

    Was Barak Hussein Obama Already Owned By Russia During His Debate With Romney?

    Let's review: Made a joke about the threat of Russia to America's Security Interests In a Hot Mic moment made a promise to work a back room deal with Putin Gave a Iran, A Terrorist State, $150 Billion to buy Russian Missile technology and Uranium Centrifuges Gutted our military Fired...

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