1. Bob Blaylock

    Portland surgeon who performs sex-change surgery on trans CHILDREN admits they face lifetime of infertility, incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction… He says he's 'figuring out what works' and that his team will know more in the next 'five-to-10 years.' He is as much as openly admitting that he...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    An Open Letter to our Resident Constitutionalist

    Introduction and Background For some time now (1) emilynghiem | US Message Board 🦅 Political Discussion Forum and I have been sparring over various social and legal issues from decidedly different philosophies and perspectives. Those differences most often centered on LGBT issues, as has...
  3. YoursTruly

    Warning signs

    Everything now a days has warning labels and signs on on or near it. A lot of these are just the broke woke way of coddling people. Since Disney has decided to push the LGBT crap on us straight people, I think it's only proper that they warn everyone of their wokeness at the entrance of their...
  4. P@triot

    LGBT Rapists

    Make no mistake about it, David Bogdanov was raped by Nick Kuhnhausen. David didn’t want a man touching him. David didn’t invite a man to touch him. All of it was against his will. That is the textbook definition of rape. It is time these LGBT sickos are properly charged with rape...
  5. TheProgressivePatriot

    Joe Biden Goes To Bat For the LGBTQ Community In His First 100 Days

    I do not want to hear any crap about how Trump was great for LGBTQ people just because he did not openly oppose same sex marriage. He tried to screw them any way that he could. Now Biden is working to undo the damage that the Orange Ogre inflicted Joe Biden has made a lot of progress on LGBTQ...
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    In Landmark Ruling, Court Says Japan's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Is Unconstitutional

    Equality marches on! The last of the G-7 nations to reccognise same sex marriage. There is no turning back. It is "normalized" Japan's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By District Court : NPR It is not same sex marriage any more. It is just marriage.
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    Biden Signs Executive Order Enhancing LGBTQ Protections On Day 1

    "Sleepy Joe has not been sleeping much today. He has been busy dismantleing the carnage and injustices of the Trump years. Here is the latest example. Go Joe! Biden Signs Executive Order Enhancing LGBTQ Protections On Day 1 | HuffPost
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    White House White House Broadcasts Blatantly Homophobic Sermon Attended by Mike Pence I thought that religion and ethics would be the appropriate place to post this story. Actually, it is a story of religion without ethics: Really Mike.?? Values that who holds strong...
  9. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trumps Very Bad Week

    1.SCOTUS smacks him down on denying LGBT workplace protections under the Civil rights act 2. SCOTUS rebuffs his efforts to deport the Dreams and his rescinding DACA The Dream Can Go On, the Supreme Court...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Smacked Down by SCOTUS Bigtime on LGBT Rights Issue

    It's a great day LGBT people who no longer have to fear discrimination in theworkplace Supreme Court Says LGBTQ Employees Are Protected By...
  11. Bob Blaylock

    No More Lies: Exposing the Roots of Gender Ideology

    I really cannot add much to this article. It states things that ought to be obvious to every rational human mind, but which many, these days, are actively denying, preferring darkness over light, madness over reason, evil over good. The article expands on the following half-dozen points… No...
  12. TheProgressivePatriot

    Mike Pence is a Dangerous Bigot and Theocrat

    While Trump is no champion of LGBT causes, Pence is a dangerous ideologue and theocrat who fervently opposes LGBT people. While Trump is driven by personal gain and what ever seems to be politically expediate at any given moment, Pence believes that he is pursuing a divine cause at the direction...
  13. KingdomInTheCulture

    Do You Believe there are More than TWO Genders? My thoughts (Video)

    Here are my thoughts on whether or not there are two genders from my Christian perspective. Let me know what you think about the video.
  14. TheProgressivePatriot

    Roy Moore For US Senate from Alabama!!

    Actually, this is a bad joke without a punch line. The thought of him actually being elected makes me feel as though I am stuck in a thick tar of despair which hangs in the air like the stench of death. He is a disgrace to the concept of human rights, a dangerous enemy of the rule of law and...
  15. TheProgressivePatriot

    Justices Alito and Kavanaugh Meet With Leader Of Anti-Gay Christian Hate Group

    While all Justices and Judges, indeed all people have their biases, this strikes me as different and disturbing. Justices will typically make an honest attempt to balance their ideology with a sound application of the law and the constitution, even when that ideology shapes their perception and...
  16. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump: I Only Pick The best People -Another Example

    Right Donald-the best people? Seriously? How do you explain this? Trump Judicial Nominee Cries After Being Exposed As Anti-Gay Christian Extremist This is pathetic. He did not even have the gonads to defend himself Where the hell does McDonald T-Rump find these people ?
  17. S

    Tranny Activist From Massachusetts Caught Producing & Distributing Child P*rn

    This probably makes leftists want to send their kids to Drag Queen Story Time or to a Kid's Drag Show even more..maybe if their little boy gets molested by a drag queen, they may just winde up with the little faggot child they always they can be pat on the head by their oh so...
  18. P@triot

    The left: “Your children belong to the state”

    You know who else shared that exact same ideology? Stalin’s Russia. Hitler’s Germany. The left knows that no rational adult would ever accept the insanity of the LGBT lifestyle - so they want to indoctrinate/brainwash children as young as possible. Parents Powerless Against School District's...
  19. P@triot

    Note the language

    As with all things with the left, they believe in forcing people into their disturbed ideology. Notice how it says “this has to change”?
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Trump Administration Bigotry Strikes Again With New ACA Regulations

    This is absolutely disgusting and one of the clearest indications yet of the Trump Administration's open hostility towards LGBT people. Yes the lying ass Trump who - as a candidate - stated that he would support the rights of LBGT people. Instead, with this, he will have blood on his hands...
  21. JGalt

    Methodists vote no to same-sex marriage and gay pastors

    My wife does the secretarial work for a Methodist church here, so I've been hearing alot about the goings on within the Methodist church leading up to this vote. They took a vote today and voted for the traditional plan which adheres to the Book of Discipline, which upholds the bans on same-sex...
  22. TheProgressivePatriot

    Donald Trump Has Never Actually Put America First

    OK Trumps . I am very interested in knowing how you will respond to this very succinct and biting opinion piece. He is not putting America first , It has always been Trump first, Donald Trump Has Never Actually Put America First | HuffPost Yes ! Countless issues that we could and should be...
  23. TheProgressivePatriot

    LGBTQ Victories! The News that Trump Does Not Want You to Hear

    While T-Rump and his merry band of demented minions are doing all that they can to pull the rug out from under LGBT people and deny them their hard fought for rights, some good things are still happening. Ninth Circuit Denies Another Trump Administration Effort to Implement Transgender Military...
  24. TheProgressivePatriot

    Sen. Booker Attacked by Bigots, For Opposing the Appointment of a Bigot as Secretary of State

    First, let’s establish the fact that Mike Pompeo is an anti-gay bigot: ur great nation." There is much more but you get the idea. In todays news there is this: I find...
  25. TheProgressivePatriot

    Workplace Discrimination based on Seual Orientation and Gender Identity Must End

    While many states have laws against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, many others do not. For employers to be able to fire someone for posting his or her wedding photos on social media is a travesty. In that Congress is paralyses, and the fact that it...
  26. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Now that stories of sex harassment are coming out, how about the Obama gay/crack/cocaine story?

    #MeToo? Joan Rivers did say that Obama was gay.
  27. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Dr. Wesley Muhammad says being gay is a sickness

    So do liberals side with gay people on this? If so, are they islamophobes and racists? Or do they side with Dr. Wesley Muhammad, and, if so, are they homophobes?
  28. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Continues to Pander to the Bigots

    Trump and his merry band of moronic minions continue to pander to the bigoted religious right Donald Trump to be first President to speak at anti-LGBT hate group's event Make America Hate Again! He is keeping company with some very sick and dangerous people This says it all:
  29. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Kills Proposed Rule Protecting LGBT Seniors

    Trump Kills Proposed Rule That Would Have Protected LGBT Seniors More sickening shit from Trump today. More proof that he is either openly hostile to gay and Lesbian people, callouse and indifferent towards them, or just to fucking stupid to undrsand the impact of what he does and blindly...
  30. TheProgressivePatriot

    U.S. votes against U.N. resolution condemning death penalty for LGBT people; is this who we are?

    This in unbelievable , Unacceptable, and Disgusting . This is the Trump Administration!! Who can defend this?? That is all I have to say!! U.S. votes against U.N. resolution condemning death penalty for LGBTQ people; is this who we are? This did not happen without Trumps approval. Where are...

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