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  1. J

    Democrat Leadership's immigration policy has created a COVID super spreader

    . The fact is, the Democrat Party Leadership’s Border policy is a massive COVID Super Spreader, and there is no denial about it. And it seems that the policy is intentionally designed to spread the COVID virus throughout the United States. Keep in mind the current policy is allowing thousands...
  2. J

    Trump’s America first immigration policy vs Biden’s open border, screw-the-American-people policy

    The irrefutable truth is, because of the Executive Orders Trump put in place, the flow of Central America’s poverty stricken across our southern border was reduced to a trickle. But as soon as Biden took over he reversed Trump’s Executive Orders dealing with immigration, which immediately...
  3. J

    Immigration, a public charge, and tax tyranny!

    On January 25th, 2020, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Trump Administration’s “public charge” rule, allowing it to take effect. The rule, designed to protect American taxpayers from having to finance the economic needs of millions of immigrants flooding into the United States made...
  4. J

    The deadly consequences of the Biden Administration's immigration policies

    As each day passes we are learning of the suicidal immigration policies inflicted upon the United States and her citizens. For example see: Biden administration 'importing' coronavirus into Texas by not securing border: Gov. Abbott March 19 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, R., told "America's Newsroom"...
  5. J

    Life under a Biden, socialist controlled Congressional Leadership

    DOMESTIC POLICY Immigration The floodgates will be opened and the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled populations of other countries, especially from Central and South America, will pour into the United States and burden American taxpayers, their schools, emergency rooms, etc...
  6. The Original Tree

    Pelosi vows to join The Jihad to Defend Iran.

    Iran is a peace loving country, and is not an Existential Threat to America like President Trump is, she said. Trump is an Imminent Threat to our Republic, and a Danger to our Constitution. Islam "the religion of peace" is not a threat to our National Security, but The President is. So today...
  7. The Original Tree

    Pelosi's Manufactured Crisis in Mexico Results in 21 Dead in Cartel Gun Battle

    Nothing wrong with Mexico or the People trying to Illegally Cross our Border with Millions of Pounds of Drugs each year. President Donald J. Trump is just making this stuff up.....cuz he's opposed to Obama Bin Lying's...."Muh Legacy" No doubt the Above Photo is evidence of Eric Holder's...
  8. keepitreal

    Living the Dream:DACA and Crime

    about 110 000 people who requested DACA from almost 889 000 (12%) were previously arrested. Crimes in arrest records include assaults, beatings, rape, murders and driving under the influence of illicit substances; of the approved arrested persons requesting DACA, 85% (67 861) were arrested or...
  9. JGalt

    U.S. hasn't admitted a single refugee since September

    President Trump's immigration policies are working. "October was the first full month in at least 18 years in which the United States did not admit any refugees. Refugee arrivals are typically put on hold during the first week of October while the various federal, international and...
  10. deanrd

    Call denying sick children life-saving care what it is.......murder.

    The Marin family is dealing with severe autism, and now, the threat of deportation In mid-August, with no public notice, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) ended what’s called medical deferred action, a small, humanitarian program that the government has run for decades. It allows...
  11. georgephillip

    Immigrants Grow American GDP

    What happens when you have 1.3 million more job openings than unemployed workers seeking jobs? Economic Antidote for a Shrinking America: Immigrants "At the moment, there are 7.3 million job openings nationwide and six million people unemployed. That gap is expected to widen as the number of...
  12. Street Juice

    You devised the defeat of his people, and now you are shocked at his violence

    There were 330 white students in my public high school's graduation class. There were no black students, no Latino students, no Asians. But, white as we were, we didn't think of ourselves as white. We thought of ourselves as Americans. We called ourselves "Americans" and when we referred to the...
  13. The Original Tree

    Oh Come On Lefties, Why No More IMPEACHMENT Talk?

    Where did you all go? Did you take your ball home with you because you lost the game? Or is it because the Short Buses are on the road again, and are too busy riding it to your ultimate destination? Or maybe Trump Derangement Syndrome finally caught up with you and you are in some kind of...
  14. Conservative American


    Though Omar has denied the allegations in the past, dismissing them as baseless rumors, the issue was first raised in an online Somali politics forum and championed by conservative bloggers during her 2016 campaign for the Minnesota House. The video you're about to watch shows multiple...
  15. Street Juice

    Stupid party votes to import more evil party voters

    The old joke goes that an American was explaining our two-party system to a Soviet visitor. The Republicans are the stupid party, he told the Russian. And the Democrats are the evil party. Frequently Congress passes legislation that is both stupid and evil, and that's called bipartisanship...
  16. Tijn Von Ingersleben

    Coulter on Trump

    Anne Coulter really breaks down Trump's accomplishments...err lack thereof. He has blustered and moaned but has followed through on very little with regard to his biggest promise. His base is crumbling around him with all the makings of a one term POTUS. His response to this...typical Trump...
  17. midcan5


    'Within a decade, the foreign-born percentage of the U.S. population will surpass its previous all-time peak — and then keep rising.' Interesting read on a tough topic. "But large-scale immigration also comes with considerable social and political costs, and those must be accounted for. In...
  18. toobfreak

    The Often Laughable Population-Immigration Postulation Theory

    I laugh often here shaking my head reading how many nitwits on this board often tout that the USA can support many more (especially speaking in defense of illegal immigrants) by stating blankly that if all the US population were moved together, how it would only fill a small state, as if that...
  19. The Original Tree

    What is Schummer & Pelosi's Plan to deal with Fentanyl, Heroin, and Illegal Immigration Epidemic?

    Along with these issues is an Epidemic of sex slavery, and human trafficking that is occurring in Sanctuary Cities and Border states. Does Pelosi and Schummer have a plan at all other than continuing to with hold appropriation for border security barriers that were approved clear back in 2006...
  20. S

    Why Immigration Numbers are Going Down

    Frequently when pundits criticize the president for "manufacturing a crisis" at the border they point to charts or tables showing immigration numbers going down. It is true. The numbers have gone down. Here may be an explanation why. Pew Research, one think tank that estimates these figures...
  21. OKTexas

    Latino Support For Trump Up 19% In Dec

    Who would have thunk, isn't the MSM claiming the GOP would lose support from the Latino community? 50 percent of Latinos support the job Trump is doing, a significant jump from the 31 percent who had the same answer in a December poll. Marist Poll: Trump's Latino Support Jumps 19 Points So...
  22. The Original Tree

    Using Alcatraz to House Illegal Immigrants.

    This country is being over run with Illegal Immigrants. Recent statistics show that 65% of immigrants use Public Assistance dispelling the myth that they are contributing to the economy vs. the 20% to 30% of US Citizens that use some type of Public Assistance. Many of the Asylum seekers are...
  23. keepitreal

    The Nerve: Hillary Says Europe Needs To Get A Handle On Migration

    Europe’s leaders need to send a much stronger message that they will no longer offer “refuge and support” to migrants if they want to curb the right-wing populism spreading across the Continent, Hillary Clinton warned in an interview published Thursday. Mrs. Clinton said that while the decision...
  24. deanrd

    Voter concerns: Corruption zooms to number two behind the economy

    Voter concerns: Corruption zooms to number two behind the economy. 1. The economy 2. Corruption in DC 3. Healthcare 4. foreign policy 5. immigration The economy because of the widening wage gap. And the low minimum wage. And corruption in DC. Notice it’s in DC, not the rest of the...
  25. deanrd

    Man put the US Army before his family. Now the GOP screws his family. Lesson learned.

    Court: Korean-born girl must leave US because she was adopted by her Kansas uncle a year too late Looking back, he regretted not pursuing the adoption before time ran out. “I should have put my family ahead of the Army,” he said. --------------------- Republicans are sending a message to...
  26. AveryJarhman

    Do You Support Mr. Khristan Brading's Immigration Policy?

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #SOLUTIONS SALTY, ADULT LANGUAGE: I say we give his idea a try...what's the worst that can happen? Peace.
  27. U

    Open and Honest Discussion About the Wall

    The problem with most people, especially the people that are pure followers, is not being able to see past the political rhetoric and even more so their own personal prejudices. Most people never bother to see past their own rhetoric and understand the end results of their actions, beliefs and...
  28. night_son

    Ice Ice, Baby

    Katie Pavlich - ICE Just Arrested Dozens of Illegal Aliens in a Sanctuary City, the Majority Have Serious Criminal Records Snippet: "Of those arrested, 16 subjects had been previously released by MCJ without honoring the ICE detainer and 78% had prior criminal convictions or pending criminal...
  29. OKTexas

    Regressives Bluff Called, Abolish Ice Bill Will Be Voted ON

    In the be careful what you wish for column, republican leadership plans to bring the Abolish Ice bill to a vote in the house. This will force regressives to go on the record and trash their hyperbole. ROFLMAO Democrats who drafted a bill to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]...
  30. BookShaka

    Petition to reunite families separated at border pre-executive order

    Petition · Trump: #ReuniteThe2300 Immigrant Children Now ·

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