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election fraud

  1. The Original Tree

    Baby Formula Stockpiled in Warehouses at The Southern Border while American Families in a panic to feed their Babies.

    Joe Biden and the DemNazi Party's continued war on women and babies rages on. The Biden Administration has closed one major US Baby Formula Manufacturer and has at the same time rejected shipments of formula from overseas due to their Fascist Dictatorial Powers they granted themselves during a...
  2. The Original Tree

    Massive Wealth Transfer from The COVID Enterprise: You will own nothing and be happy!

    For me to have an actual conversation with any of you on this topic, means that you have to be aware of a few facts. (Not Emotionalism or Bleeding Heart Do Gooderism Statements), but FACTS. Because of the COVID scam Joe Biden has printed 40% of all the money that has ever existed in The United...
  3. The Original Tree

    More Proof That The Plandemic Was Planned

    Fauci isn't a prophet so when he predicted that The Trump Administration would experience a Pandemic, that was because he was already involved in Illegal Gain of Function Research in Wuhan for The CCP. This research resulted in a weaponized version of The Common Cold Coronavirus with a few...
  4. The Original Tree

    Vote For Biggest Democrat Lies in the last few years

    We all know that Democrats Lie and have taken their blueprints for gaining total political power from Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, and books like Rules for Radicals, and Mein Kampf. So what are the biggest lies they have tried to sell the American people in the last few years? Vote and...
  5. The Original Tree

    Current Legal Status of The COVID Mandate

    I kind of find it interesting that you cannot actually find much information on what is going on with all the legal challenges against the Fascist COVID (Now Barely a Cold) Mandate. Can anyone update me on this? What I know currently, and this is all I know is that the Supreme Court will...
  6. J

    Democrats claim election fraud in N.Y. , charge Trump with sedition for doing same

    . Well, here it is folks, the Democrat Leadership can claim election fraud in 2020 election, but impeach Trump for daring to make similar claim. SEE: Guess How Democrats Contested This Close Election in New York? Feb 06, 2021 "Democrats claim an election may have been stolen, that voting...
  7. J

    Former Judge Burke: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit

    See: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit Former Judge Kevin S. Burke Retired Judge Burke, in his desire to condone the undermining of our federal elections in which a number of States engaged in corrupted election practices, quotes Wyoming Republican Gov...
  8. toobfreak

    CNN Confirms That Trump Did Not Incite Capitol Riot

    First they block all court review of the election to cover up that it involved massive cheating. Next they block accounts to not allow people to even QUESTION the election. Then they vilify the President and muzzle him from speaking in his defense. Next they accuse him of inciting an...
  9. The Original Tree

    Georgia Hearing 10,000 Dead People Voted for Biden, 2,600 Felons

    The Margin of Victory is only 12,000 votes and there are 100s of thousands if Illegal Votes that were counted. And on and on and on the fraud goes. You cannot watch this video of The Georgia Hearing and feel like our Republic is about to sink in to The Abyss never to rise again. Unless this...
  10. The Original Tree

    Where is Joe Biden?

    This guy lives in his mommy's basement more than any single person I have seen my entire life. Where is he? How long is he going to be kept from Public View? He didn't campaign. He never talked to The Press, and he went days even during the campaign where no one could see or hear from him...
  11. The Original Tree

    China running trials of implanted Biometric ID Cards

    If you think this is all a hoax as The Left keeps saying it is, then you are blind and ignorant and you are allowing yourself to be deceived. Right now, tests are going on everywhere. It is no longer talk about Patents! The chips are already being tested, and soon you will be forced to have...
  12. The Original Tree

    Shocking Report on Biden and Obama’s involvement with Dominion

    Not shocking that this Fraud goes clear back to Obama and the 2012 elections. That’s when all this started.
  13. The Original Tree

    1933 Parallels with 2020 Progressive-Leftist-Globalist Ideology

    I have been warning about this. Those who refuse to learn history are determined to repeat it. This man here, gives a factual review & Comparison of the policies of The Democratic Socialist Party of Germany during it's rise to today's current policies of The Democrat Party who should actually...
  14. EvilEyeFleegle

    Ga., Mich. blow Trump’s efforts to undo election

    Well...Georgia certifies the vote--and Michigan's GOP House leaders have said they will not submit another slate of electors..and are committed to staying within the law as regards the certification process and the instructions electors are given...
  15. The Original Tree

    States who knowingly purchased Dominion Election Cheating Software used in Venezuela may be prosecuted

    Like I said, The DemNazis want to turn The US in to a Nazi Socialist Banana Republic with No Security for our Elections. Every Election will be fraudulent if we do not force new elections with new & higher levels of security. All Dominion Software should be banned from all elections. Time for...
  16. The Original Tree

    The Election was hacked with QSnatch Virus

    Like Layers of an onion. My opinion is that the election needs to be invalidated and we need to vote again. It may be possible that the Democrat Party did not steal The Election intentionally, but a foreign power like China fixed the election for China Joe, but I doubt it...
  17. The Original Tree

    Automatic Recounts will occur in 5 states

    Now that there are observers in place something really weird is happening in the states Trump originally won and was way ahead in before the Democrats stopped the counts, and flipped on The Fraud Switch replacing Trump Votes with Biden Votes. The Pendulum has swung so far back the other way...
  18. The Original Tree

    Congratulations President Trump on Winning Re-Election TBD by December 24th

    December 24th is my projection for when President Trump will be officially declared the winner after several states are hand counted due to Election Fraud software being installed on voting machines, and apparently millions of ballots are thrown out due to their being counterfeits. Watch this...
  19. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden, if he steals this election will be the most despised President in US History.

    There is massive voter fraud going on. The Democrats extended the misery of 2020, and NO ONE ELSE through their crooked schemes and extra legal extension of the election in contradiction with election law. No one is going to trust this election. Millions of fraudulent ballots are turning up...
  20. The Original Tree

    President Trump’s Inauguration should be pushed back until Spring.

    There is massive voter fraud going on so, the only way to restore faith in the system is to verify every single ballot to eliminate the Millions of fraudulent mail in ballots dumped in to the system...
  21. Chuz Life

    Caregivers and voter fraud

    I am from a very large family. I know have and have had even more in the past. . . Several family members being cared for by caregivers. My own wife if disabled with a brain injury. My wife can not vote by herself. Neither can any of my family members in nursing home care. As my wife's...
  22. P@triot

    The Democrats Plan to Steal Elections

    To their credit, it is a comprehensive plan... Assist millions of illegals into invading the country and permit them to vote Allow uninformed children to vote (Democrats need an ignorant electorate) Switch elections to mob rule Engage in voter fraud So to recap: turn to illegals...
  23. RodISHI

    Is the USA and Congress being infiltrated through election fraud?

    GENERAL ELECTION - 11/8/2016 Elected officials that have no respect for the law always peak my interest and get me wondering what kind of people elected them into those positions. Then I got to thinking about how the elections were monkeyed in L.A. with illegal votes and the comment of the...
  24. The Original Tree

    Lynch, Rice, Comey, Powers In Hiding

    Why are The DEMS who claim they want to get to the bottom of all of this doing everything they can to obstruct investigations in to The Democrat Party's Criminal Activities? Russia probe: Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS And When is THE DNC SERVER going to be examined...
  25. The Original Tree

    Democrat Party Donations Lowest In 14 Years!

    Keep on hating America and our president. Keep on promoting Fake News & unprovable accusations. And please keep Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez and Barak Obama as the face and mouth of your party. Congratulations on the worst...
  26. The Original Tree

    National Voter ID On The Horizon

    If Lefty is so CONCERNED ABOUT THE RUSSIANS or even their OWN PARTY DEFRAUDING VOTERS, then why IS LEFTY OPPOSED TO VOTER ID? Why does he advocate giving Amnesty and the right to vote to ILLEGALS? Why are Lefty STATES ILLEGALLY GIVING ILLEGALS Driver Licenses and enrolling them in MOTOR...
  27. P@triot

    State Election Agencies Trace Hacking Back To DHS

    Three states have now traced hacking back to IP addresses from the Department of Homeland Security. Obama leveraged the IRS to influence his elections and apparently leveraged the Department of Homeland Security to influential Hitlery's failed presidential bid. BREAKING: 3 State Election...

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