What I think Politicians Should Have To Do

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Merlin, Jan 27, 2007.

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    To set the scene: A while back my wife and I took a 8 week vacation and drove all around the USA. We went west from New Orleans to California's Pacific Ocean. We didn't necessarily stay on the interstate. We took back roads and even drove through the downtown streets of some cities. We took dusty roads off the main road in the desert to places that Indians still cooked in outdoor ovens. We drove north up the coast highway in California to Oregon and Washington. Then across through Idaho and Montana, all the time taking detours to see things that is rarely seen by the average person. Sunsets that you only dream of and mountains that protrude through the sky, and naturally, Yellowstone Park. Then on east to New Jersey and all the states in between, down to Florida and back home. The point being, I think that a trip like this should be a must do for all the politicians after they are elected to see what the real world is like away from their cozy, rich lives. Let them see the hungry children in the ghettos, old people sitting on their porches with their houses falling down around them and unable to do anything about it. Our politicians are so out of touch with America that they think everyone has as many resources as they do. They make laws that shouldn't (can't/don't) apply to everyone, mandates that can't be afforded, etc., etc. If they were forced to do something like this, most things that they get up on their pedestal and harp about would become too irrelevant to even discuss.

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