Use a little skepticism- This means you Dems.

Discussion in 'Congress' started by N4mddissent, Oct 22, 2008.

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    My fellow democrats on here do an outstanding job of standing up for themselves, but let's not waste time on some of these posts. Check the source when repeat starters like paperboy start throwing up stories. Two in particular I noticed could have used a little more skepticism.

    The shooting the McCain bus story. Sounded crazy. But I swear I could feel the disappointment coming through the computer when my fellow democrats where condeming the action. To their credit, many began with If it's true...but it only took a 5 minute google search to find out. And I did it the day before. And I mentioned it on the thread. The day before, The Weekly Standard, a consevative publication had already contacted McCain and the local police and found out they knew nothing about it. The WS had already put up an update saying it was probably bogus. (Not in bold, flashy, headline letters mind you- just a little section at the top while leaving the story up). I just don't want any "liberal" guilt that's unnecessary. :)

    The second is the Michelle Obama living rich thread from last week that stretched into several pages. I was surprised. Where did the story come from? New York Post. Who owns the New York Post? Rupert Murdoch. And say it with me, what else does Rupert Murdoch own- Fox News. Does that sound like something Michelle Obama would do during a campaign? She's a smart lady. Don't get yourself too worked up over these little things. Always consider the source. And I would suggest keeping a little list of stories that don't seem to pass the smell test. They may show up and a week or so later, after they've been discussed and forgotten, a retraction like this one on the Michelle Obama story will come out.
    Many times stories that seem to be long forgotten, if you check later, you will find that they were not in fact true. That's where the notebook comes in handy. Check the stories you list once a week or so. ;) Every story that turns out bogus makes the source a little less credible. Likewise, if you're going to post something from Kos or other hard left sites, please confirm it from some other sources before you drop it here.

    Wanted to share a little pep talk and post the retraction story. Enjoy. Oh, and the Sarah Palin tax money used for her kids- that's AP reporting so pretty likely to be correct. Take it and run.

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